Three pole breakers used to power a sub panel

I could use some help with this one. This is a sub panel with a transfer plate to a generator hook-up in the garage. The feeder cable from the panel is 10/2 with ground attached to a 30 amp breaker. In the sub panel the feeder cable is attached to a 50 amp three pol breaker. There is a jumper from the neutral connection on the three pole breaker to the neutral terminal bar. There neutral terminal is floating. I did not find a connection between the grounding terminal and the main panel.
The owners friend is a commercial electrician and wired the panel. This was on a pre-listing inspection. The owner is going to put me in touch with the electrician to discuss the panel. I was hopping to get some input from someone more knowledgeable them me before I speak to him. Thanks in advance for any help you could offer.

I believe that is not a 3 pole circuit breaker but it’s a 2 pole CB with a third pole that switches the neutral for a generator used as a separately derived system.

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Thanks for the response. How would I know?

Looks like one of these type:

Thank you Robert. This was a big help!

Helpful tip , you only have 2 poles total.
So the other pole would be outside the norm.

You’re welcome and that was actually a really good question. I’m sure that most of us (myself included) have never seen such a breaker in the field.

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