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I am still in the process of getting my HI company going. I would like to purchase a IR camera/imager but I really don’t want to go crazy on the price. At first I was thinking the i3 but have heard that I should just save my money and get something better. Then I thought try out the i5 or i7 but still I see people saying not to spend the money. I really don’t want to go over that 2k mark, I understand you get what you pay for but I dont want to get to crazy right off the bat. I also seen Milwauke is selling a camera for about 2500, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with that camera either. I live in florida and only plan on doing home inspections for houses and condos, no commercial units.

wait until you can afford something better or do you just want to sell the concept that you do thermal imaging?

A little bit of both. I want to advertise that I use it, but also as a tool to help find defects with out spending 5k plus. I was hoping the i7 might fit the bill for the job but from what I read on here it sounds like no.

The flir i3 i5 and the i7 can all have a program update done to them look into it it’s just a computer update

You may be able to find a used camera online. If you do find one and not sure if the price is right post it here and someone will tell you.

Having just been through this myself…

In my opinion… simply having equipment to advertise that you have thermal imaging is less than ideal for you or your client. As your area is somewhat similar to mine in regards to low delta T… you may wish to get the best thermal sensitivity for your money.

I’d agree with Robert… wait until you can get something a bit better in your hands, you and your customer will both benefit from it.

Do you or Robert have an example? I see thermal discussions on here quite often and it seems everyone is either in the $2000 category or the $20 000 categories. Where is the in between that is a good piece of equipment??

Go to the photo album on my Google Plus for some sample thermal images the link is here

Here’s how to tell the camera’s as I have a few of them posted. Click on one of the pics and you can then scroll through the album with left/right arrows. Click the drop down in photo details to see the camera type. I have the E40BX, B60 and T420 in there.

I just checked it out. Very Nice. I did not see any by the E40bx, are they the ones that are not specifically labeled to a camera?

They should be in there as well… here they are specifically.

e40bx moisture intrusion.jpg

e40bx moisture intrusion.jpg


e40bx moisture intrusion.jpg


e40bx roof leak.jpg

PRECISELY why you need to purchase a better camera than what you are currently shopping for. You will be using the imager in one of the MOST complicated and difficult applications known to thermal imaging.

Most think like you are in that the cheaper imagers are more than adequate for residential… it’s actually just the opposite.

I don’t care what resnet minimum standards say… 0.10 NETD ain’t gonna cut it in most climate zones unless you are GUARANTEED at least a 20 degree temp split 7 days a week 365 days a year and ALWAYS use a blower door with it. :wink:

Just got this email for open box sale
Are you considering a thermal camera? I can get you a deal if you don’t mind an open box.

Call me at 866-477-3687. We have a few left.

Here are the details:

If you are going to become an IR Thermographer, or offer Infrared Thermography as part of your inspection business my advice would be to spend the money and get the required training to become certified, then get a camera the quality level of Tim’s Flir E40BX, or the T420. If not, you will wish you did.

Here is my current list of building diagnostics cameras…for what its worth.

Best sub $2000 camera - Testo 875-1: 160x120, .070 sensitivity, 350C temp range. Add on Super Resolution and take 320x240 radiometric images from a 160x120 detector.

Best sub $3000 camera - Testo 875i-1: 160x120, .050 sensitivity, 350C temp range, does video, does digital and IR images (side by side, fusion, PiP). Add on Super Resolution and you can produce a 320x240 fully radiometric image.

Best sub $4000 camera - FLIR E40BX: 160x120, .045 sensitivity, 150C temp range, does video, does digital and IR image (side by side, fusion, PiP). Android/Apple integration adds a ton of functionality. Meterlink with the Extech EX845 and MO297 is a bigger deal than it initially appears.

Best over all bang for the buck camera currently on the market - FLIR T420: 320x240, .045 sensitivity, 650C temp range. Auto focus and motorized focus. Android/Apple integration adds a ton of functionality. Meterlink with the Extech EX845 and MO297 is a bigger deal than it initially appears. Live WiFi streaming of video. The only chink in its armor is I wish they added the manual focus ring of the T620/T640. I do not think the focus ring of the T620/T640 is actually “active”. I think it is using the motorized focus via a manual means. If you have never used a manual ring then you won’t miss it, but if you have it is a tough adjustment at first. To top it off it still comes with Free Level X training!

Big boy Cadillac of cameras - FLIR T640: 640x480, .035 sensitivity, 2000C temp range. Continuous auto focus, on image sketch ability, eye piece, MSX. Android/Apple integration. Live WiFi streaming of video. Meterlink. It just feels right (no other way to put this). The T620 is right there also, and is $6 less. You give up continuous auto focus, MSX, sketch ability and eye piece for that $6k.

Notable mention to the Testo 890-2. It is a truly tough choice between the T640 and the 890-2. Testo has come a very long way in IR in a very short time. FLIR and Testo have both been super progressive and aggressive in the IR world over the past two years. At the end of the day, they have both provided the end user with incredible options.

One other note. The 875i-1 might be number 2 for best bang for the buck camera. It hasn’t had enough time on the market, IMO, to get that designation yet. I honestly don’t see a reason to buy the 875-1 when the 875i-1 is only $800 more. In the building world, thermal sensitivity is the most important stat. Along with video and a built in digital camera, it just doesn’t make sense to not spend the extra $800.

When shopping the lower end cameras you guys really should have this motto. No focus ring, no direct range control, no direct span control, no deal.

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