Ti32 versus E-60

Jason Kaylor and I were discussing the Fluke Ti32 vs the new Flir E-60

Similar pricing / Similar Resolution, etc. I know Jason’s thoughts on them.

Several things that are a plus to him are of no interest or use to me.

Has Anybody looked at them or tried them side by side.

FLUKE will not break when you drop them.

Yea comes in handy when it gets thrown in the back of the truck and rolls around and falls out when you open the tailgate.

Has happened to me at least a dozen times or more…

Yeah I had a horse kick mine a dozen times at least???

I have one of these attached to my camera, however if you have butter fingers you may want to consider a different line of work or you will go out of business just paying for equipment repairs.

Never mind ceiling damage… :wink:

Yea, you can get one of thoes thrown in free from 99.90% of the sales co’ss for flir equip.

I found out the FLIR e60 is only being sold at alibaba for $4000 and I just chatted with the following seller:


One piece can be ordered. Is it genuine?

Like Linas I also use a neck strap…
I use more than one I also use another for my standard digital camera too.

Rye -

Looks like they may be in China OR elsewhere overseas.

If so does us no good.

What’s the least expensive 320x240 around of any brand? I see prices around $8000 even for Irisys brand. I’d buy a genuine 320x240 if it is around $5000. This is why I got a $1995 flir i7 for temporary use and to learn thermal imaging. Because FLIR e40 at 160x120 costs $4500 and resolution not good enough for serious use.

How about you get some experience with what you just bought, despite the advice that you were already given, then figure out what you really need and go buy that.

Based on your posts, which I suspect are trolls, you have no real use for an imager anyway. You just have an endless supply of inane questions.

Here’s the ticket to your cheap imager: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMpgeFoYbBI Have fun. Take a hike.

I ordered the FLIR i7… but I still haven’t received it. Will get it 4 weeks from now.

I live in a country where there is practically zero thermal imaging home inspectors so thinking if this would be a great extra business.

Ok. I’m convinced the i7 is almost useless… so when I get it… I’d either sell it or even tell the supplier to change order if it hasn’t left factory yet.

Now studying the FLIR e60 and Fluke Ti32. I found out the e60 has 10 years warranty on the microbolometer!

But the Fluke Ti32 is shock proof and can survive drops.

So the debate is whether the Flir e60 10 years warranty is more advantageous than the Ti32 drop and break-proof warranty. Have you guys actually dropped your thermal camera? The Ti32 seems to be more better and secure but it’s microbolometer is only 2 years warranty. What would you guys choose if you were to weight between these two factor (since both have similar specs in other departments)?

What country?

Philippines. We do not have any home thermal inspectors here. Nor any place where to study them inside the country. Wonder if there would be market for it in the population. Do you guys study online course or actually attend physical classes for it?

If I’ll create a separate company to inspect houses and teach courses. Wonder if there would be market for it. Is there one in Indonesia, Malaysia or other third world countries… hmm…

I was in love with a Phillipina, actually around 10 of them. I loved my honeyco’s no s h i t. I’ll never forget Subic Bay…or the present my love gave to me. Actually a day after I got a shot my pee pee was OK and ready to go again.:stuck_out_tongue:

I dropped a FLIR from 3 feet while in a hard plastic padded case.
It broke.

I now own a FLUKE.

Sounds like you need one!

Really? I was just deciding whether to get the E60 or T365 and agonizing between the two. What is the particular model you have that broke? How did it break? Did the manual focus ring get broken or is it the body itself? Is it there housing that break and it still run? or is the internal part damaged as well? If that’s the case, then I think I should get the Fluke Ti32. But the problem is the warranty is only 2 years compared to 10 years for Flir. But is there anyone that has a microbolometer chip that gets out of order after certain years? I don’t like my Fluke to get the microbolometer sensor out of order after say 4 years.

I think I need at least 320x240 and <50mK for serious home inspection. I think the N.E.T.D. or thermal sensitivity is useful when trying to home in between say 30-35 Celsius. using mere 0.1 C sensitivity, the 256 color palette would only need 0.02 C in the 30-35 C range for each of the 256 color to register and 0.05 (50mK NETD) is at least closer to 0.02. I think this is the main reason to get 50mK or less, isn’t it.

What other 320x240, <50mK handheld can you or anyone recommend? I have cancelled my order of the i7 already as you guys convinced me it is useless for serious home and industry inspection which I’m going to invest in as business.

I seriously doubt that you will get an answer to any of your technical questions from John. Your questions are dealing with topics that are best understood with Level I & II training. While there are some on this board that openly offer up advice, they do not have the training to necessarily give good sound advice when it comes to technical matters beyond the basics of point and shoot thermal imaging. I think you would be best served taking the appropriate training yourself so that you understand all the physics behind your questions. Level I & II training will answer all the questions you have posted so far and many more.

The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers offers courses from Infraspection Institute that can be taken through distance learning. All you need is a high speed internet connection. To take the certification test, you will need access to a computer with a webcam so that you can be proctored. You can purchase training through the NACBI website at http://www.nacbi.com/catalog .

I just wanted to know how his flir camera breaks. I wanted to buy the right one before undergoing any courses so that I can bring or use the camera while inside the course. I need at least 320x240, <50mK and wonder what are the good models people here use. That’s all I’m asking. I’m not and won’t ask other technical questions which I know are covered in the courses. Thanks.