Resolution. Lets see it.

I want to see your best-res TI’s. I’ll start…


(post the camera model)


Flir EX-320

Flir i5:shock:

Only kidding guys, Flir B360

Flir BX320

Electrophysics/Sofradir Hotshot HD-XT

Good one on the I5 Mario. When I first saw it I was shocked, then I saw the next message.

Jason Kaylor

What it that?

What ?:shock: Horse shoe…



That is an abscess in a horses hoof that will erupt in about a week!

This is the only way you can see in advance , soft tissue damage before it actually becomes a problem.

You didn’t ask for subject matter!?

Flir T400

David, nice image of abscess


Fluke TiR4FT

A few to pick from.

What are you up to Dave?

Bill, your always cookin something up!? :slight_smile:

Where are all the other cameras?
I know what a Flir looks like…
…and I’ve seen Jeff (who uses a T400) & Bill’s pic’s before somewhere else before.
Jason, is that one of yours or a rep photo?

Just find a scan with a 20 degree delta T and post it.

I want to see the product. I’m tired of looking at spec’s.

Yeah… I’ll make someone a good wife! :p:D

A good Wife…:shock: I think I had one of those the other day… then she…she… Something went worng…

A good Wife…



Had to post another

thermals 033.jpg

Neither. It is just the best picture I have seen from a portable camera.

I should have a picture from a Jupiter detector within the next few weeks. It is 1280x960 and 30mk.


Very cool Jeff!

Post away Jason!