Tile Roof

Should you see this much wood members under the tiles??? Is the 2nd photo the correct way to repair a tile??


One No, two no.

Second picture looks like Silicone, it will not last.

Thanks! This board is SO much help!!!

  1. That condition will allow moisture intrusion of the tile and possible eventual decay of the 2x hip cap support and insect infestation. At least (hopefully) there’s underlayment under there.

  2. Ugly, sloppy, failed repair.


I inspected a new Concrete Tile Roof Covering install a few months ago for an elderly couple who didn’t trust the contractor, he installed the ridge board just as you have pictured, bare, I told him it needed to be wrapped with the 30lb felt he was using as underlayment (two layers) on the decking but one layer over or around the pressure treated 2x4’s and some untreated 2x4’s he was trying to slip in at a couple ridges.

He basically told me to go to hell but the homeowners wouldn’t pay him the last draw for the roof install.

We ended up having an inspector from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors come to the property to look at the way he installed the ridge boards, the state of Arizona made him tear off all the ridge Tiles and either wrap the 2x4’s in felt or (equivalent-approved membrane for tile roof installs), or install the vinyl cap material they sometimes use rather than felt over the 2x4’s before the cap tiles were installed and all the 2x4’s had to be treated lumber.

Dale, where did those requirements come from?

The state of Arizona.

One of those Common Sense code requirements Kent…and the State of Arizona agreed with me.

Good one Dale!!!