Time Stamps

Is there a way to put time stamps on pictures?

Turn it on in the camera.

I’m taking photos within the program. I don’t think that is an option. Or is it?

If you do it with your camera or phone enable the time and date stamp.
All have the option now, but I wouldn’t.

I am taking photos within the software using the softwares’ camera. Taking a picture using the camera within the software is separate than your device camera/gallery.

Why not?

The software actually doesn’t have it’s own camera. It uses your system camera. What device are you using? Some have it built in. If not you can use a 3rd party camera app that can do it for you.

I get that. I am using an iPad mini 4. Another question is how come the pics taken within the software don’t go into my devices gallery. The pics stay within the software.

I use apple devices. We all know that time/date info is embedded into photos. I want the time/date to show on the photo within the HIP software. Is this possible?

That’s optional. Enable full size image storage under the HIP Settings tab

Thank You!

Great question. Asked myself that one last week. I have a (actually 2) Panasonic Lumix. Great cameras. The only way I could get it to time stamp is to go an option (do not remember what its called) which enabled me to set my vacation destination time. I then set both the local time and the destination to be the same time. It worked. The only drawback is that it puts the image of an aircraft beside the time…a little distracting I suppose.

I guess every manufacturer does there own own thing. Good when the camera has these features built in but I do not think they all do.

Time stamp is embedded in picture properties if needed for legal reasons. As Dom mentioned you have an option to save full size pictures in gallery as well as as reduced for mobile shots.