Time to vote. Which HomeGauge inspection report is the best? Winner gets $500.

Feel free to vote for more than one report. Every InterNACHI member is free to cast a vote.

  1. William Napier: https://www.homegauge.com/report/4560859/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

  2. Frank Rotte: http://www.sandiegothermalinspection.com/sample-report-home-inspection/

  3. Ron Cleland: https://www.homegauge.com/report/4578018/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

  4. Steve LaCombe: http://axiomhomeinspection.com/myreports/report/20151015-jd/Axiomsample.html

  5. Steven Ramos: http://www.envirovue.com/blog/sample1015.pdf

  6. Robert Newland: https://www.homegauge.com/report/4631360/HIReport.html

  7. Aaron Pines: https://www.homegauge.com/report/4632081/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

  8. Mike Hazelwood: http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/mike-hazelwood-hg-report-contest.pdf

  9. Christopher Deakins: http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/christopher-deakins-hg--contest-2015.pdf

  10. Aulden Reid: http://www.homegauge.com/report/4649508/BASICREPORTANDSUMMARY.html

  11. Leonard Inkster: https://www.homegauge.com/report/4669358/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

  12. Scot Baker: http://www.homegauge.com/report/4648551/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

  13. Sean Fogarty: https://www.homegauge.com/report/4672689/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

  14. Scott Gilligan: http://www.homegauge.com/report/2308625/FullReportForUploadorPrintWithPictures.html

  15. Louis Rubino: http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/louis-rubino-hg-contest-2015.pdf

I voted #2. Great logo :wink: and I like the video on the first page and the high quality photos. All of the certification logos are great!

I voted for #1 because they had a lot of images and explanations to what the images are showing for future issues. It was also very organized and has a lot of information to what they found in the house on the report.

My vote goes to #6. I liked the charts, the red arrows on the photos and the videos! :mrgreen:

I’m going with #14! Looks very clean and the color of the background really makes the report pop. It’s not an eye sore, nor is it boring to read through. The definitions of comment descriptions are a great touch. Very interesting. All the reports I looked through were great, but this one is definitely my top pick. :slight_smile:

I voted for #9. It is very organized and thus easy to understand. It has clear headers and great use of white space. The color is chosen well, it stands out but it is not used in an overwhelming way. The problems with the house and their solutions are outlined very well.

#4 I thought did the best job of organizing content in the most legible way. So much content can get overwhelming on the eyes if not laid out in a thoughtful, clean and concise manner. :mrgreen:

I picked number 3. I enjoy the colors, it’s very organized, and very easy to read descriptions with the images!

I was torn between Scott Bakers and Sean’s.
Giving it to Sean for the Illustrations.

Scott makes use of videos however so a mix would be best.

Both make a good use of text and font separation.

HIP beats all however …pssssst.

I can add video too, just didn’t on that specific example.
The raccoon is why you like it.
I think many look nice, but I personally don’t like adding all the fluff. Unless its relevant, it generally stays out of mine.

You lose points however for having a smelly client.

It’s really tough to pick the best one out of these! I’ve made some very brief comments for each sample report (can’t help myself!). I’ve also not necessarily mentioned things that most or all of you have done (such as the use of integrated photos and graphics, listing attendees, mentioning the SOP you use, etc.), but I just wanted to highlight some of the things I think the members are doing right.

  1. William Napier: Like that you name all parties in attendance (good for CYA). Like your use of photos, graphics, and checklists.

  2. Frank Rotte: Like the video offering on the front page, as well as the “Questions?” pop-up balloon. Also like that your photo is on the first page, and like your own logo as the watermark on each page.

  3. Ron Cleland: Good use of “What Really Matters” text as lead-in to report, as it’s important to manage your clients’ expectations at the get-go.

  4. Steve LaCombe: Like that you cite InterNACHI’s SOP at the beginning of report (but please correct our name). Also, nice use of Buy-Back logo on introductory page – this is key for marketing both your services and our guarantee.

  5. Steven Ramos: Like “Conventions Used” and associated symbols.

  6. Robert Newland: Also names those in attendance and cites InterNACHI’s SOP. Great use of photos integrated in report (as others have done), but also with defects circled (or squared!). Also, great use of our graphics from our Graphics Library to illustrate proper installation when making recommendations to correct defects.

  7. Aaron Pines: Also integrates photos throughout the report, with arrows to indicate defects. (Should change non-descript labels for photos.) Like that you mention that a dog was present but wasn’t a problem.

  8. Mike Hazelwood: Presents invoice and Scope of Inspection up front!

  9. Christopher Deakins: Nice use of integrated photos showing defects accompanied by minimal text.

  10. Aulden Reid: Also good use of integrated photos and video (but non-descript labels should be rewritten, if possible).

  11. Leonard Inkster: Also good use of integrated photos and video, as well as InterNACHI graphics.

  12. Scott Baker: Nice addition of inspection logos at relevant pages, as well as the CMI seal as a watermark on each page.

  13. Sean Fogarty: Major points for humor! Love the raccoon! (But hope this isn’t your actual sample report on your website; some folks might not take you seriously.)

  14. Scott Gilligan: Like that your photo appears on the first page. Also like the visual key – makes items easy to read at a glance.

  15. Louis Rubino: Nice use of photos throughout, and call-out boxes of major defects.

I have a Top Five list, which I won’t give (!), but I guess my favorite report is Scott Gilligan’s, primarily because he uses more icons to indicate conditions, which makes the information easier to read at a glance. (And please, Nick, no more impossible tasks!^) :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine has to go to Scot baker. Very good reports all the way around

William Napier: https://www.homegauge.com/report/456...hPictures.html

Tip: Nice report. The complimentary pictures can be dropped in at the “Overview” of any section and you will not need to rate them or leave any comments. You still can label if desired. The pictures will come in just below the header and will look like complimentary views. These also can replace the need for storage or “just in case” pictures too.

Frank Rotte: http://www.sandiegothermalinspection…me-inspection/

Very nice report with the added touch of keeping them on your website and seeing the report embedded into your site is a nice touch!** I like the small pictures too **since viewers can click on them and enlarge to a size bigger than the normal large size. This makes your report look like a report and not a picture library report.

Ron Cleland: https://www.homegauge.com/report/457...hPictures.html

Very attractive and easy to understand report.

Steve LaCombe: http://axiomhomeinspection.com/myrep...iomsample.html

Nice report. The back page has a picture image issue (x mark) that we can fix if you like for us too. The pictures do not expand when clicked on and I assume it has to do with the way you embed it into your website. I am sure one of our nerds can help if you would like for that feature to work.

Steven Ramos: http://www.envirovue.com/blog/sample1015.pdf
Very clean report.

Robert Newland: https://www.homegauge.com/report/4631360/HIReport.html
Very attractive report and vibrant looking with good use of HG software abilities.

Aaron Pines: https://www.homegauge.com/report/463...hPictures.html
Very nice report

Mike Hazelwood: http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/m...rt-contest.pdf
Very clean report

Christopher Deakins: http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/c...ntest-2015.pdf
Nice report

Aulden Reid: http://www.homegauge.com/report/4649...NDSUMMARY.html
Very nice report. HG needs to detect what size pictures are being used and make the video match in size. Currently we have it set to medium size video only.

Leonard Inkster: https://www.homegauge.com/report/466...hPictures.html
Very nice report with added value for home buyer at the end of the report.

Scot Baker: http://www.homegauge.com/report/4648...hPictures.html
Best Summary, clean and soft font in Overview, attractive

Sean Fogarty: https://www.homegauge.com/report/467...hPictures.html
Super clean report, keep the racoon in your sample report to get a smile from your prospective customer

Scott Gilligan: http://www.homegauge.com/report/2308...hPictures.html
best understanding/flow with icons for customer to follow. very nice report

Louis Rubino: http://www.nachi.org/documents2012/l...ntest-2015.pdf
Nice minimalist report. Some pdf issue with that format could be improved by HomeGauge. I will have the nerds look into that.

I say all of you are winners for using HomeGauge! I am glad that I don’t have to pick a winner and I am grateful that all of you are our customers. Thank you very much for participating in this contest.

Thank you Nick for hosting and sponsoring it. InterNACHI and HomeGauge Rocks!

Great comments! It’s really helpful to see what everyone else is doing. Thanks for doing this Nick.

I’m voting for Scott Baker #12. The use of so many temperature pictures more than makes the point I think but the report was clean and looked professional. I personally have made changes to my template to clean it up and will continue to do so. Thanks Nick.


I have to tell you that this may end up possibly being the single greatest ever report writing, content, format, and example accessible from one spot. Thank you!

And thank you to all the participants!


No matter what software you use, there’s still something you can get out of it.

Man, that house did have a lot of registers. Our clients have run into some warranty pre-existing escape clauses in the past and that has shaped some of the pictures we now include in our reports.
Took time to get our picture, video and diagram sizes consistent throughout the report.