Tips for Pictorial Logos for Home Inspection Businesses

A pictorial logo is a logo that uses recognizable images to reinforce the name of the company. This type of logo is a great solution when your company name applies to a specific image. For example, a company named Longhorn. It can also work with slightly more abstract words that can easily be reinforced with an image like Warm.

Some common mistakes with pictorial logos are:

Using an image when that image isn’t doing anything to reinforce your company name. An image that has no connection to the name can actually end up being a distraction. For example, if your company name is Bob’s Home Inspection and you have an elaborate picture of mountains, I can miss the name. In logos, less is more. If a word mark logo more clearly and quickly conveys your name, it might be a better solution. If you are using an image exclusively to attract attention, make sure your name is large enough that it will not be missed. Always prioritize your name.

Since a logo is specifically for helping your company stand out, one of the worst approaches is to run an image search on what other people have done and try to copy one of those logos. Your logo should be specific and unique to your company. The more it looks like everyone else’s, the more forgettable it becomes. I give some simple examples here: Redesigning Bad Home Inspector Logos

The more detail that is added to an image, the more colors that are used, the more likely that you will accidentally limit the options with your logo. Since embroidery uses thread to reproduce an image the materials limit how small detail can get.

Always be aware of the broad audience searching for a home inspector. You want more people to hire you, not less. As a general rule for the home inspection industry, it’s probably a better idea to keep your image more friendly and approachable. There are not many folks looking for the world’s most angry home inspector so your logo shouldn’t accidentally be communicating that.

When a pictorial logo is handled correctly it can be a very effective way of helping potential clients to easily remember your name, which makes it easier to pass that name on.

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