Redesigning Bad Home Inspector Logos

There is nothing technically wrong with any of the bad logos in the image below. They are just concepts that have been over-used in the home inspection industry. The goal of any marketing is to be remembered. A logo that looks the same as everyone else’s design is not working for you the way that a logo should.

For example, if your company name is Red Rhino Home Inspections, the graphic should reinforce the “Red Rhino” part. You don’t want people to hire any “Home Inspectors” you want them to hire “Red Rhino”.

In the attached image I took some logos that don’t work well and made some minor changes to fix the designs.

What most of these designs have going for them, is a good name. A bad name almost always makes for a bad logo, so I haven’t used a cryptic hard-to-understand acronym name here like JCB or PNG Inspections.

Note: Having a logo that is a complicated house graphic does not sidestep any of these issues. If anything, the more complicated that your logo gets the more problems that you can run into when you have to scale your logo down later. Really complicated logos tend to be difficult to read when the logo is small. So in many cases, less is more with a logo design.


Really good info - thank you!

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Worth a quick read for folks getting started on their logo designs.

Another bump to remind folks getting starting on their logo design.

I’d like to have my logo reviewed. How do I get started.

@lnelson1 will be the first stop so contact him. BTW-Welcome Shannon!

Welcome to our forum, Shannon!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

Hi Shannon, I’ve been out on vacation otherwise I would’ve answered earlier. When you’re ready to get started on the logo design process, your first step will be to place your custom print order through Inspector Outlet. Every order includes our free logo and marketing design service as well as editing and content writing. You only pay to have the materials printed and shipped: Custom Marketing – Inspector Outlet Once your order is placed I’ll contact you to get started.

We’ll go back and forth making changes until you are happy with the designs — nothing will be sent to print or finalized until you have given the approval.

I sent you a photo of a Logo that you did. I really like that style but with a few modifications.

In the example it says Home & Property I’d Like mine to say Residential & Commercial

Something different in the background


Levi Nelson
Logo Design

And welcome to the forum, Adolphus!

Hi Adolphus, Since these logos belong to the people and the companies we make them for, we cannot copy anyone else’s logo and plug your name into it. I can reference logos, but your logo needs to look significantly different from the Cedar Hill logo that you attached. Hopefully that makes sense. Send me an email if you have any questions. Thanks for the comment!