Moisture stain? No idea


what in the world was that Mess Brian???

You tell me James…:mrgreen:

I wish I could man…how did You write it up???

Looks like you had a charmer…!!!

What Brian? That hose is rated for the attic isn’t it. Deal killer.

the house i live in now had a large water stained piece of cardboard under a roof vent…turns out it was just enough to catch and hold the snow that drifted in in the winter time…guess it wasn’st bad enough to need a buckett…jim

They used a bucket and made a drip loop…You don’t call that fixed?

that’s funny !!!

Yes, that is actually the attic humidifier, for the lucky folks in the dry Sunbelt. They always make sure the volume of the bucket and the rate of evaporation exceeds the rate of input. ;-):cool::cool::cool:

John Kogel

Brian …Good thing you had your IR Cam or you would certainly of missed it—:twisted:

I pointed out the corresponding moisture stain on the bedroom ceiling and then wrote this for the attic.

Pretty much a canned comment from Inspectvue.

Redneck weather/rain/hygrometer gauge.