TLC TV Producer seeking NACHI member for TV show.

*Hello Nick. My name’s Robert Kerr and I"m a producer for a TV company based in DC. We’re making a show about Real Estate for TLC, focussing on people who remodel homes… what we’re after is people about to put their **house on the market, or who have just sold and have stories of triumph or **tragedy. I’d like to get in touch with your members to see if they know **of anyone whose story would be interesting to a wider audience. I have **penned a letter and would appreciate it if you could post it on the NACHI **forum. *

*Hi. Our television company is searching for stories for our new real estate show for TLC. The program deals with “house flippers” who have either big successes or some tough losses (in the recent past - and currently in the process) with flipping. **We want to hear their stories. the highs . the young couple expecting their first child knee deep in a total remodel racing the clock. how they pulled off the fantastic makeover and made a bundle. the couple who re-modeled their turn off the century cabin by the sea and made enough money to move into a mansion. or the family that have done so well out of “flipping” they’re ready to retire. **and the lows. that nightmare renovation no-one wants to buy… The home on the market downwind from the pig farm. the condo that’s been home to cats and has a slightly nauseating odor that’s turning potential buyers away **before they step through the door… or the rental property where the tenants have turned a home into a hovel. We also want to hear from real estate professionals, builders, even trades people. who know the pitfalls *of the remodeling game. and how to avoid them. This show is all about giving good practical advice to anyone thinking of remodeling a home. If you know some-one who you think would make an interesting story, you have a story so outrageous people just throw up their arms in disbelief. or you want to be involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely Katie Gerringer
Associate Producer
Beyond Productions
Phone: 202 587 5518
*Email: *


Never hurts to offer assistance!


If they want to fly me out first class and appropriate accomodation I could help them out. :wink:

get your 15 minutes of fame here?

Knowing Raymond and his experience both as a home inspector and in front of the TV camera this could be the great for all.
Roy Cooke sr . R.H.I…

I would need a work permit, doubt if I could get one. Besides Kevin Costner is trying to get me to do his stand ins. :wink:

Talked to her on the phone and sent her a copy of the Top 10 defects PowerPoint.

That ought to help! :mrgreen:

There ya go Will. :slight_smile: But I thought they were looking for people to be in front of the camera,not produce it. :stuck_out_tongue: