to contact or not contact?

So I am a new guy and I am in the process of getting my gear together but I’m a wee bit stumped when it comes to moisture meters…probe/contact or non contact. I wish I could go to a store and try one out but it looks like that just isnt possible here in toronto. So before I cross my fingers an order online an opinion from the fellas.


Here’s what I have

Surveymaster gives you a dual mode so you can use the pins in framing and the non penetrating on interior finishes where you don’t want to leave holes.

Protimeter Surveymaster…

If you’ve got the money, go with the above recommendations. If not, start with a Protimeter Mini. Lots cheaper. Move up when you can afford it.

Pinless won’t work on stipple ceilings, and that’s where you’ll find most of your water stains (below bathrooms).

Good advice, this is my approach

ill get the mini first i think, i have an i3 so i hope it minimizes the rootin around.