Wind mitigation question

On the Roof to Wall Attachment question number 4 on the UMVI form - if the strap does not wrap over top of truss and nailed to other side, is this to be marked as a clip (B on the form) or would it still be considered a strap (C on the form)

You are correct, the definition of clip is a connector attached to at least one side, so a wrap that does not have the appropriate number of nails is redifined as a non-wrap strap or clip.

We are recommending several changes to the form under the current Rule process which closes on July 8th. This will be to require a minimum of 3 nails in the clip, to redefine the nails for wraps to be 2 on one side with at least 1 on the other, and to add requirements for connectors to be properly oriented to the truss/rafter and free of severe corrosion

Many other changes being discussed, OIR forwarded a draft of recommendations provided by past workgroup members like myself, there are comments from OIR Attorneys, and of course William H York the formost expert on the 1802, and other industry experts from the insurance industry.

ARA has also provided a recommended form but it is a significant departure from the current form and we are working to resolve some major issues with the changes. If any one has any interest in this subject let me know, it takes a thorough knowledge of the surrounding statutes, Rules, Building Codes, and specifically the 2002 Loss Relativitites Study which is the primary driver of the form, its language, and even legislative changes to the Florida Building Code.

John you read about the maybe changes to 1802 at:

What about this clip… do they lose their discount.

The 1802 gives no minimum number of nails for toe nailing or for clips.