WM - Does this clip qualify?

Three nails? - yes - in the truss? - no

Does this clip count as a clip or a toe nail?

picture is not good enough.

I vote no

Need more pics man

What about the pic is unclear?

Did you get a photo of the other side?

Yes - here’s the other side

I do not see 3 nails in “A” truss.

But I am old an blind now a days :frowning:

Clip counts as a defect. Right side looks like it’s nailed with roofing nails- 2 instead of the 4 hanger nails (the ones with the number 10 on the head)it should have. The hanger in the other photo of the left side looks like it’s nailed with gun nails and no holes filled- nails shot through the flange, also unacceptable. Inadequate nailing into the truss, too. The second photo is obviously a different hanger. Looks like they used whatever hangers were left over from the last job, nailed them any old way with any old nails. SLOPPY WORK. SE on this one.

Wind Mit? Ooop! :oops:

That does not look like a clip, are you sure that is the roof to wall connection.

How do you know it should gave 4 nails. Just because it has four holes? You have to be an engineer to make that decision. And why is a clip a defect?

It is a joist hanger with insufficient nails. There are only two nails into truss from what I can see…one nail head and one protruding nail on each side… Just curious why you are analyzing this connection as it does not appear to be a "Roof to Wall Attachment. It is not our job to check the structural integrity of other connections on a Wind Mit, as we do not know in most cases what the Engineer / Truss Manufspec’d designed.

Joist hanger not a RTW connection. Have to go out to the exterior wall

Agreed. You can’t use that photo at all for a RTW connection on the 1802. It’s not on a bearing wall or perimeter beam. It’s an internal truss connection to a girder truss.

Correct on all counts. However, this is for a wind mitigation and this connector is irrelevant. For a home inspection or structural inspection, this should be called out.

Great - thanks for the help. This appears to be the previous end of the house before they added on. The old roof decking and truss slope threw me off into thinking it was the exterior wall.

All components for the main force-resisting system (mitigation = redistribution or reduction of force) are integral, failure of one component leads to a domino effect of the connected systems and structure. If the trusses are not installed or secured in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or the Engineer of Record design, it’s essentially useless in trying to determine minimum connection.

…for what it’s worth.

I don’t want to draw this out in a long debate about insurance inspections and the Adminstrative Code, as we will have our answer hopefully soon enough. Anything you would put in a home inspection report better be in a 1802 or other insurance inspection.

…just saying.

Crazy Talk…

Just saying.

1802 has nothing to do with a home inspection.

Just answer the darn questions or you are going to confuse everyone.

Robert do you do wind mitigation inspections?

See that is where you are wrong. There are several inspectors that have set themselves from the rest of the home inspectors be becoming more educated and having more understanding of how building construction is tied together and they charge and get paid accordingly. I would rather do one or two inspections per week for $1800.00 than 24 / 48 wind mits for $75 each.

The 1802 was dumbed down for home inspectors starting with the My Florida Safe Home Program. And it was all due to financial restraints that would be placed on the public. Look at the history of that form. Until 2010 only engineers, Architects, and Building officials were allowed to do them. That should tell you something.

You forgot about General Contractors :slight_smile: They should have kept it that way :slight_smile:

Really? that’s the most absurd comment ever. Anything you would put in an inspection report better be on the 1802? and just where on the form do you put that? there is no section for joist hangers that were not installed properly. There is no section that asks if the roof leaks. There are different inspections and forms for specific items. Knowing a joist hanger is substandard is great but wanting to put it on a Wind Report is the dumbest crap ever. Get over yourself.:roll: