Toilet in bedroom!?

I inspected this house today, built in 1852. They removed a closet door and put in a toilet, and a sink in the room. They did put a ceiling exhust fan in above the toilet in the closet.

Any comments?

Is this a Toilet in a Bedroom


A Bed in the Bathroom?


A very convenient convenience if fact, a water closet in a closet, isn’t that where they are supposed to be?


You know the honeymoon is over when one or the other uses it while the other is lying in bed trying to watch TV.

The designer obviously had an enlarged prostate gland :oops: or had done 20 years in Sing Sing. 8- :profile:


Reminds me of a tacky Vegas wedding chapel.

You think they have an Elvis impersonator come in to do the wiping?


i was going to say the same thing. form the outhouse to the closet. pooping has alway been a secret, but in this case not much privacy at all. not even a door.

I can see it now…the wife sleeping, dreaming of the smell of roses, waking to the reality. ugh!

Actually it done very tastefully (the decor that is)

No magazine rack either. You are kind of forced into having a converstion if there are others present. With a magazine you could at least act like you are involved in a good article or simply ignore the spouse staring at you while you are on the hopper.

Sorry but I forgot to mention that the bi fold screen, to the left in the photo, was actually in front of the toilet when I came into the room. There idea of privacy I guess.
Also, none of the outlets in the room were GFCIs. (Note the one under the sink.) I wrote it up that all of the outlets in the “large bathroom” should be upgraded to GFCIs.

At the Chicken Ranch…:smiley:

BAWK BAWK…never been there I swear.

I think she closed it up…or Nevada did…crying shame…:frowning:

Never been there either…:-({|=