Bathroom in a Pantry

This is what I ran across at yesterday’s inspection. A toilet located in a kitchen pantry. Yes, it was correctly plumbed, but - No lights, no outlets, No Heat and No ventilation. And most of all No room to stretch your legs. Can you imagine!!!

a true water closet. I have seen these, where you literally could not sit down with the door open

gee mom that roast smells like ****…

Just think of the health benefits though. Instead of going to the pantry to get some crap to eat to make you heavier, you’ll go to the pantry to leave some crap that’ll make you lighter :D.

mandated family weight control program, if you get too fat, you cant use the toilet.

I was always taught you never sh*# where you eat!

Seriously though… Can you imagine… being in a situation where you have need for such measures, and it not being available? Getting old must suk!!! :neutral:

yes i can
possibly for a family member with special needs
hoping you and yours never have to deal with these types of life issues

Certainly not where I’d put that! But…well, aren’t there cautions about hazardous waste and food products? Doesn’t this count?

HAHAHAH I laughed so hard on this.

But it is true. Such bathroom closets are very hard to fit into. Especially for tall people. :smiley:
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