Toilet sound video normal or not?

Hello, Everyone,

Please listen to this toilet flush. Is the gurgle sound at the end normal? The sound started about 4 weeks ago. The toilet flushes okay just curious about the sound at the end of the flush.

Normal. Too bad your video doesn’t actually show water going down the drain. The gurgling noise tells me that the bowl drained completely. A visual would have shown the bowl rinsing as the tank fills. Don’t imagine problems where none exist.


I concur with, Bob.
Please describe the toilets flush mechanism/s please.
Low-flow toilets usually use one of two methods to clear waste: gravity or power flush .
Low-Flow Toilets

what did it sound like before ???


Not to be a fatalist but plumbing tone can change with a partial blockage or a septic thats starting to overfill. Still drains until it won’t.

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I can understand your concern if it’s making what you conceive as a different noise than it once did, but if it’s been making that noise for 4 weeks and is still flushing properly, I would say it’s most likely okay.

If you still have concerns you should call a Plumber to check it out for you.

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maybe You never held the handle down before ???


Sorry for the late response.
To answer the question when flushing the water goes down and the bowl drains completely, just the noise at the end.

The reason of my concern about the noise is because we have musty smell in the crawlspace and so i thought maybe the drain line is cracked or clocked with roots and water is going in the crawlspace.

We have been on business trip for 1 week and no was home and when we came back no musty smell. I did laundry yesterday so keeping an eye to see.

The only thing we had done was change the flushing valve but the noise comes from all the toilets.

You should call a Plumber to scope your lateral sewer line if you suspect a problem.

Water in a crawlspace is never a good thing.


No visible water and the crawlspace is encapsulated. Humidity level is okay.

Have you ever checked to see if your drain vents are blocked or still capped?

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This has been my experience on both a personal and professional level. My septic failed 2x. Both instances my toilets were gurgling prior to failure.


Gurgling can also happen when the septic system solids tank is too full and needs to be pumped (ask me how I know. Actually, don’t aske me lol.)

The OP hasn’t stated if they are on a private septic system or on a public sewer system though. So not sure if this might be the issue.

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Yep, pretty much what happened to me. I suspect it can happen in a public line as well at a blockage. I think it indicates that air is being released from the space the liquid just occupied. A burp.

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Is this a septic system or public sewer?

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It is a City sewer

I asked the plumber and they said oh they are okay if they were blocked you would know.

So how should we go about fixing this issue? I am serious the plumbers in this area oh boy. They just want to collect the travel fee to come to your place and then tell you oh nothing is wrong