Toilet to wall clearance

How much is too much? 3"? 4"? 6"? I’ve seen all of those.

3" here. New construction.

022610 069.JPG

022610 069.JPG

If it is away from the wall at all, it really does not matter how far at that point.

If it is away from the wall then the installer did not follow the recommended guidelines.

They will find a nice 2x4 somewhere.

If it’s out in the middle of the room it’s to far, Right BOB!!

Not at all as you can wash your hands before getting up ,and save time.

Looks like they roughed in for a 12" flush and installed a 10" flush instead.
It does look close to the wall on the left side though.
15" to 18" preferred. :slight_smile:

looks like he used the right rough ins but in the wrong places. 16 from the side 12 from the back.