toilet water line

My house built in 2005 in S.Florida is on a well system. Attached is a picture of my water supply line to the toilet, both bathrooms look like this. There are no signs of leakage but the line has sediment. Could this just be because its in the bathroom near the shower? or just a really small leak that you just cant detect even with a piece of paper under it for a few days. Just curious what others thought, I searched online trying to find an answer and maybe its just the conditions that will cause this.

Are the valves at the sink like this? I know here often times the water coming into the house is pretty cold and there can be condensation that forms on the valves. Do you have a water softener that is maybe putting to much salt into the water?

I checked all 3 sinks and only a little bit of the green deposits. I’ve had the water softener checked in the last year and it was set up correctly.

Men usually stand up to pee .This causes a small spray and pee has a lot of salt in it this causes corrosion on any metal that is hit .
Give the stains a good cleaning with a bath room sink cleaner and when dry spray a clear coat of lacquer on the pipes ,this will help stop more stains .

Mostly condensation. I mostly inspect country homes. See it all the time.

Combination of condensation and humidity in the bathroom. Cold water in the lines combined with warm, moist air from showers / baths.

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Yep, seen many in customer’s houses (and in my own house.)
Corrosion on the brass and rust on the cheap-non brass escutcheons.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try the clear lacquer trick.