Tonights Inspection

Had to inspect this 1 story tonight…snow and all…pick it apart.

No gutters…landscape was suspect…roof was sliding…no ventilation…and Friday it may not be standing any longer…Ha Ha…or HO HO.

Oh, yea I forgot the owner said not to worry about that gap at the ridge…It never rains out here…huh???

Deal Killer!

Slab homes can be nasty…Any termites?

I have a four-plex just like that to inspect today. I will post photos later!!

So let me guess, the Realtor made the listing sound like “… sweet little Chalet on a small lot, recent landscaping, be the envy of your neighborhood!..”

You could just eat that UP in a report.

Yea…1 big termite…ME

THIS IS SWEET!!! ONLY 4 hours to inspect.:):):):):slight_smile:


Are those peppermint roof vents, solar panels or flashings:mrgreen:

That is a good looking ginger bread house.

Pretty little cottage though…

Let me guess, the buyers were named Hansel and Gretel, and the owner was an older single lady who wore a pointy cap? (or maybe that was the agent in the cap :mrgreen:).:wink:

Solar panels.