Tonight's NFL Monday night football prize. Chicago vs. Minnesota. Place your guesses.

Minnesota 53

Minn 50

Bears 30

Chicago … 65

Vikings 46

Go Pats…14 in a row (UNDEFEATED)
We all know what keeps them on their toes…

Min. 39

Vikings Total 51


David. I need there phone numbers.

Chicago and 45

vikings 24

min. 55

Minnesota 38

Marcel :slight_smile:

When Orton last played the Bears protected him with defence

Minnesota - 23 1/2.

John there is no such thing as half a point in football.
You Twins lover.
Oh sorry I mean Grizzlies lover.
Never mind.

Vikings 42

Vikings 39

chicago- 23

“Livin the Dream, One Inspection at a Time”

CHI and 53

Fianl Score Minnesota 20 Chicago 13