Tool Identification Required

I have had this tool stashed away since my Father died 35 years ago.

Trying to figure out what he used it for.

Any of the young fellow Members recognize it. :slight_smile:


Hi Marcel

Is that an Asbestos tile cutter?



Hi. Gerry.

That is what I thought it was too, but back then we used to use a hand torch and a utiliy knive. Well, for the 12x12 VAT that is, back in the 60’s.

The 9x9 was before my time, and we had some in our home too!.

The cutter only measures 6-1/2" in depth x 4-1/2" in width.

I was thinking more down the line of plastic wall tile, but don’t know how long ago that came out and don’t remember watching anyone install it either.

Thanks, I am open for any other guesses. :slight_smile:


I believe it’s actually what it says it is. A tool for cutting Golf putters

Tile cutter I got one just like somewhere

I think the Ebay seller has no clue what it is, and classified it by it’s name. :roll: Happens alot on online auctions.

I go with the tile cutter idea. :smiley:

Prove me wrong :twisted:

I think the Ebay seller has no clue what it is, and classified it by it’s name. :roll: Happens alot on online auctions.

I go with the tile cutter idea. :smiley:

Prove me wrong! :twisted:

Thanks Jeffrey for finding that exact picture on EBay, but my Father never owned or played golf in his life.
I have to believe the name on the tool has mislead people.
How do you or would you cut a golf putter with this. :mrgreen:

My friend from Ontario, seems to agree with me on my second guess, that it was used to cut platic wall tile.
But, I am only guessing too!.

Thanks Jeffrey, at least if I want to sell it, I can ask for $30. ha. ha.

Hi., J.J…

That is what my buddy from Ontario said also. Thanks:D

Thanks Wayne, your the third person to say it is.

Now I got to find a piece of tile to try it out and see if it works. :mrgreen:

Could call the manufacturer and ask them…:slight_smile:


:)Thanks Larry. Now anyone with a Watts Line. :mrgreen:

It might be hard to find an old piece of 4"plastic wall tile Marcel, but i do believe that is what that cutter is used for

LOL i just showed it my wife she said it was for cutting plastic , She manages a trophy supply company She said she may even have one kicking around . they use laser now

Thanks Wayne, that is what my instincts told me too.
I have removed plenty of plastic wall tile before, so why the hell did I not save at least one piece.

I think it is because my wife keeps telling me I save too much junk, and clean that cellar now!!!:mrgreen:

Wow, that brings back some memories… WATS line…Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS)

Ooops, drifting,…drifting…:mrgreen:

Yup, plastic cutter sounds good.

lol my wife does that also Marcel so she can pile her stuff there

Yeah, and my understanding, if you had one, call anywhere for the basic rate, does that not exist anymore. ?:mrgreen:

Hey Marcel got many old tools there? I used to collect odds and sods i had a pile of old plow wrenches and Pipe wrenches till i moved down here . I had to leave most of them up home. I was thinking it would a good post Tools from way back to see how old these fellows are lol. I have a old efficiency test kit for oil burners still the draft gage it is 6X6
The CO testers looks like a science experiment form a horror movie.

Yeah, got a few more Wayne, since I am being forced to clean up by the Commander in these slow times, I seem to find them all over the place. LOL
I will try to post a few more in the coming days as I decide what I through away. Man, I don’t want to throw away anything. :mrgreen: