Tough Call On Roof To Wall

Client sent me these pics. The radiant barrier is killing any view of his roof deck nailing. The roof to wall is a toss up. 1950’s flat roof home (gravel still visible in the attic). They built a knee wall and added trusses. The truss appears to be clipped to the knee wall but the knee wall is not clipped to the actual wall. Is the knee wall part of the roof framing or considered the wall itself and this is a clip credit?? In reality I would think the wall being toe nailed would allow it to be taken off just like any other toe nailed roof. I’ve seen this before where it was clipped at the top and bottom.

I say Nay

That was my thought but didn’t want to cheat the guy if it could give him credits.

What’s up Matt?! I would think nay also. How’s it been man?

No way…the newer trusses have to be tied to the original bond beam or top plate under the flat roof rafters.

Thank you for the answers. I just wanted to be sure.

Hey Travis! How’s it going, been busy?

I know its too late, but I wanted to chime in, I would say nay :smiley:

Yeah Matt, pretty busy. Could be busier though. How about you?

FYI… I understand you are in Florida, but in Minnesota we call that “gravel” Vermiculite!

You can usually see the remnants of the old gravel when replaced and fell thru the roof decking joints. It does look a little like vermiculite, but it will be in parallel lines on top of the insulation. However, this pitched roof was built directly over an old tar and gravel roof without removing the old roofing.