TP Party Candidate....Vote for Me

Funny as it may sound, I agree with you… I remember those glorious days of gridlock when Bill Clinton was president… What I wouldn’t do to have those days back again. :wink:

Yep…Gridlock in Congress is what got him reelected. Looking forward to it, myself. So is President Obama. :wink:

But … back to my campaign.

No more war. No more taxes. No more mail.

Grid lock is a wonderful thing.

Go Jim Go! A vote for Jim is a vote for change. No more lying, bribing, cheating or trillion dollar deficits. Race relations might improve too. I hear they’re in the toilet since big O took over.:wink:

No need for gridlock if you elect a congress full of TP Candidates. The room will be empty…no one will be there to argue about anything.

Remember…the government that governs least governs best. Vote for me and I promise to do nothing about anything.

No more war. No more taxes. No more mail.

Jim, good news! Recent polls suggest that you have a 12 point lead over anyone else that would do nothing if elected. :smiley:

What do we consider Cassville, Missouri…a two ply district in a brown state?:smiley:

Hey better idea. The people actually RULE the vote. You post the bills online. People read them and tell you to vote yea or ney. Majority rules reguardless.

Sound like that is what will have to be done. TP Boy isn’t going to do anything about them. Can I post my electric bill…we can vote on it.:mrgreen:

Points deducted for misspelling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gteat news, John. It looks like the message is starting to sink in.

The government that does least…does best. No one will do less than us when we get to Washington.

Vote for me.

No more war. No more taxes. No more mail.

Jim, your campaign of nothing is historic if not reminiscent of both Seinfeld and Confucius who said, “to be wronged is NOTHING, unless you continue to remember it”.

This being said, Obama’s short reign will surely be quickly forgotten.

Long live nothing!

Key to Missouri Political Parties:

(A1) = America First Party
(Com) = Communist Party
© = Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(IA) = Independent American Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(M) = Marijuana Party
(Pr) = Progressive Party - Affilliated with the Green Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
® = Republican Party
(TP) = Turncoat Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates