Trailers / Park Homes

Have many inspectors undertaken mobile home/ trailers/ park home inspections?

Here in the UK this style of living is becoming very popular with the over 45’s selling bricks and mortar properties and moving on to park homes sites, releasing equity for retirement living.

I feel this is an area I could get into but would appreciate any feedback please.

Welcome to the forum Jon.

It really depends on the market you are in. But If it’s there go after it.


I spent 8 years selling them, in various places in the UK. So have a good knowledge of the construction.

I have visited many manufacturers of park and mobile homes and seen the construction process first hand so looking at the industry as a whole it would make sense to follow this route for inspections and surveys.

Thank you for your feedback and your welcome message.

I agree with Tony…go for it. You’ve got a great background for it.

And, welcome to our forum, Jon!..Enjoy! :smile:


Thank you Larry, it’s good to be part of the family

Jon, welcome and hope this route can benefit you. There is a great course offered here regarding Inspecting Mobile and Manufactured homes. If it’s available to you, well worth taking it.

Thank you Thomas, I found it last ending and I am 8 modules in already. :grin: although parts of the course are not applicable to the UK legislation it’s still a very good and informative course that’s for sure.

It will be my 4th nachi course completed, so very exciting.

I just need to pass the CPI but I’m struggling with that one at the minute.

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