Training for Texas License

Hello Y’all!

I hope this hasn’t been discussed previously, but I couldn’t find anything recent in the forum search. I am looking to enroll into a training course that provides the professional inspector license in Texas. As many of you know, our options are limited. Looking at the TREC website, “A better school of building inspection”, and AHIT are the two approved courses with the highest pass rates (65% and 64% respectively). Having said that, does anyone have experience with either, or could make any recommendations? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Texas is a big state. Where in Texas are you?

El Paso, but i can travel if needed.

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And, there are no stupid questions. So, jump in and enjoy… :smile:

Champions used to have a good program but they aren’t anywhere near you and 330hrs of classroom training is a long time to be on travel.

I’ve thought about champions, but a buddy of mine in Houston did it and said their program material was outdated. Have you used them?

Yes, but it was 2004, so I can’t speak to current state.