Federal Pacific Panels

Hi to all,

OK I admit it I can’t stand being up-staged by Jeff “zinsco” Pope :mrgreen:

I thought a new FPE thread may be usefull, I found this little beauty while researching for my manufactured Homes class.



IMG_0347 (Small).jpg

I will share some of the intersting panels I have.

why double tap.jpg




That old Square D panel didn’t look bad, except for the doubled up neutrals. What other problems were there in that one Greg?

Hi Jeff,

Just what you mentioned. The last two were just to show a professional installation.

Hi Jeff,

I only found what you mentioned. Overall it was a nice installion.

Here are some examples of what I might find in a week or so around here and in the LA area (our new BB only allows for upload of 5 files :frowning: ).

As always Gerry, help yourself. . .

Thanks Jeff,

I steal all my best zinsco stuff from you :wink:

Seriously the second picture shows a realy clean Zinsco label (since added to my collection :mrgreen: )



If we are showing off panels here are a few I installed recently.:slight_smile:




Nice photos of distribution panels (sub panels) Bob. It’s also nice to put a face to your posts with your new avitar.

Here are the other panels I was trying to post earlier.