Triplex Inspection in Hudson, any interest

I have been contacted by someone who wants a price on a Triplex inspection in Hudson FL and whereas I am on vacation I am unable to respond. Any one who is interested must also accept credit cards.

Please contact me by email to

Bruce Gregory

I guess I cannot help as I have no idea of where Hudson is.

Sometimes when folks say they can only pay by credit card they do have another option they may not know of.

If they have a PayPal account they can just send the funds that way. If they do not I believe they can very quickly open a paypal account with a credit card.

It seems to work on just about all who request to pay by credit card with me. Only time is when they do not have the Internet.

dispatched, thanks!

Hi Mike, yes I am aware but do not send my customers to PayPal as it costs me more than my credit card accounts. However I do use a Paypal account as a piggy bank for Christmas, in fact I’ve probably have more than 4 large in there waiting for my grandkids to extract it from me.