Truck Wrap

Here my design for my truck wrap. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

I like the idea of a wrap, the curvy side images are a bit tough to read though, my opinion.

Looks good…

Very sharp. Love your trailer hitch !!! Dale was the man !!!

Looks marvelous!


I like it, but I’d rather not see the bottom of the word “inspection” get cut off on the side.

Overall, nice design!

I think you should wrap your Vette instead! :twisted:

I would bring the image up a little so home inspection is not cut off. Make your number bigger so people see it more predominately. I really like the design though.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Looks great and agree that the curve should not cut off the Inspection, but who am I to judge when I don’t have any lettering at all. :slight_smile:

The tailgate looks awesome but the wave on the sides hit me the wrong way.

For the sides, I would straighten it out, keep “1st class” where it is and make the “Home Inspection” lettering fit between the tires.

Just my 2 cents

Is it done, or is this a concept?

I like the curviness, I like Inspection being cut off a bit. But the 1st Class seems like an afterthought. Also, the colors don’t seem to jive with each other. Especially looking at the tailgate. Maroon and blue just don’t look real good next to each other. Is that maroon the color of the truck, and you are doing like a half wrap type of thing?

During the seventies in Los Angeles there were company’s that would pay you to paste their company logos on your vehicle. Max Cigarettes comes to mind. It was a monthly contract as I remember.
Don’t think I could do that to my Heritage F150…

This is the preliminary concept from vendor. The truck is maroon. I think I am going to eliminate the wave, and put the design between the tires. Hard to match colors with maroon.

I personally think its too much. I see some wraps around town and to me, it screams “LOOK AT ME” which, in my opinion is egotistical (like billboards). Maybe its just me.

That’s the whole point. Nothing to do with ego. It’s business. Same reason you have a website.

Then its perfect! lol

You’re too easy Rob. :slight_smile: