Graphics, Yes or No?

I just purchased a new van and was wondering what some of you think about graphics. I recently asked a good friend for his opinion and he said install them. I’m having doubts this time around, need other opinions please.
BTW I have received many calls from graphics installed on my older van.


Personally, I find them distasteful and nonprofessional. I doubt I would ever call someone who wrapped their vehicle in graphics. But, I’m old school. Kids today go for that sorta thing. JMHO.


Here is a shot of my old van.

Thanks Jeff, Those are my thoughts as well. I’m thinking of something small on the side doors only…maybe.

Now, I don’t think that your old van is that obtrusive. I may have knocked it down just a notch, but not bad, overall. Definately not a typical “graphics wrap” that I see all too often.

Mario I am shopping for a new vehicle with Graphics in mind.
Went down to the Kia Dealer and checked out the new Soul with Graphics in mind.

I am sure your competition will discourage you.:slight_smile:

Mario, if you got calls off your previous van, then why WOULDN’T you do it? It’s not like someone’s not going to call you because you’re van is wrapped right? They can’t see your van when they’re looking online or being referred. All it can do is bring you business.

You want something that people will remember. Make it big, make it memorable. Go for it!

Getting a full wrap this summer.

Post pictures here when it’s done Gerry. I’m curious to see the results!

I personally don’t like the vehicle wraps as they are a bit busy.

I will always advertise on my company vehicles.

Here’s my truck, today…

I like your vehicle graphics David, simple and effective. BTW Nice truck!

It just depends on your market and how it’s done. I see full wraps and half wraps. The only reason I didn’t go with a half wrap was the cost. I paid $260.00 for something that I think is nice and professional looking. Paying between $2,000 to $4,000 for a half to full wrap, in this market, would take too long for it to pay for itself (I was told wraps last on the average of 7 years around here).

Speaking of around here, it would be helpful to know where that is.

Please edit your profile to include your location.:smiley:

I did the windows on my van. Cost about 400, and its paid for itself many times over.

Will do.

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Geeez luoise ! -
why wouldn’t you place an “all the time” advertisement on your van
its a no brainer!!

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The side of a van is the best place for advertising your business. The more noticeable the better!