Trump's comments: a warning to some non-members in our industry.

Trump promises look at ‘sham’ US libel laws - CNN Video

This is driven by self-interest to bluff a defense against the “Fire and Fury” tell-all. Trump campaigned on opening up our libel laws to make it easier to sue journalists and news outlets and quash the 1st Amendment. There’s a reason the 1st is the 1st Amendment, and it’s precisely to guard against a Trump-type president. He should take a good look at libel law because he might learn that it allows one to recover damages for knowingly false speech (even about public officials) but what he may not like is that it protects us against people in power who want to use libel laws to stop or punish speech that is critical of them. Ironic that Trump, who uses Defamation of Character as his M.O. in shutting down his critics, wants to strengthen libel laws.

Go away. you remain without a clue. Fire and Fury has been discredited.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is what you have.

Get help before you hurt yourself.

You offer nothing to the conversation, yet think you have some inherent right to insult and belittle - as if your opinion of me means anything.

The book may be sensationalist, but is not discredited. What is an empirical fact is that Trump is a liar without remorse. Also what is historically demonstrated about Trump’s business and leadership style is his reliance on slanderous mis-characterization of his foes.
Mueller will seek his indictment soon enough. Carry on as if the writing wasn’t on the wall - means nothing to me Michael. You’ve never shown yourself to be worthy of honest conversation - only hurling of childish insults - just like the president.

There is no point in discussing anything with you.

Your sick.

Hillary lost. Thank God. Move on.

An owner last week had cnn on… it’s no wonder snowflake heads are exploding everywhere… all the BS propaganda the lamestream media spews on a daily basis. Truly sad.

Are making unfounded (albeit misspelled) insults to a fellow inspector in a publicly open forum a reason for disbarment based on InterNACHI COE?

Seriously. Please learn to discuss civilly. You’re not winning any points by being derogatory. You’re not hurting my feelings. You are drawing a bit of sympathy, but I don’t think there’s anything that can be done for you.

Back to the conversation. Trump is free to file a libel suit on anyone who knowingly prints false information about him. He has to prove “knowingly”. He has to prove malice, and he has to prove damages. It’s been demonstrated over and over again that members of his staff think he is a “F*****g moron”, protecting the country from an incompetent president is not malice, and he has an endless stream of verifiable lies to set his reputation - so no damages - he is a bona fide liar.

Nick’s point about toughening libel laws is well taken - but it’s my opinion that it’s just a presidential bluff to try and save face. He’s promised to sue the 19 women that have accused him of sexual assault too - but he hasn’t (it’s a bluff).

How it relates to InterNACHI is moot, because the laws as they stand now allow InterNACHI to sue the pants off of anyone that intentionally, maliciously and falsely maligns this organization. But damages are the hardest part to prove so you have to pick your battles.

Gee thank you so much for catching my typo.

Why do you think there is a need to discuss anything with you in a civil manner?

You have already demonstrated you are deranged. #MAGA

Stevie you know I love ya…
NO ONE is gettin’ thrown out & your rant is derogatory. I guess you got all emotional.
Perhaps you should consider making a reported post. There’s a forum for that, although I believe you would bring more crap on your self by doing so. :slight_smile:

Trump would be the first customer lolol

Trump’s beef is that the media in general enjoy remarkable protection from libel suits because of the remarkable burden of proof that is required to prevail in a libel case.

A great many of the things that have been published about Trump are malicious and reckless, and the number of gaffs, mistakes, miss-characterizations, and outright lies coming from the left-leaning media mounts by the day. I think it is time for there to be some accountability and responsibility so that people who have taken on the sacred duty of keeping the public informed realize there could be consequences if they don’t act responsibly, and that goes for BOTH SIDES of the debate.

I would agree with 100% of what you have stated. I’ll also add that a very hard look at the use of “unnamed sources” should also be performed. The media, all media, should be forced to name all sources so that the American people can verify for themselves if they so choose. Any source that is “unnamed” apparently is hiding and is immediately suspected of having no credibility at all! If you do not want to be named then don’t talk!!

First, I doubt anyone is getting thrown out. No one on the board has shown an ounce of courage to call out Michael Larson on his slanderous tirades (add to the list his referring to me as deranged) it’s one thing in the Members Only section, there’s a cadre over there that seems to relish in trading insults. But this is a public forum that is visible to the world, and his unjustified provocations, insults, and slanders are beneath the dignity of what a professional organization should tolerate from its members, yet the controlling board lacks the courage to enforce what is clearly stated in our COE, diminishing our organization.
Second, your bias by labeling my reasoned and measured discussion as a “rant that is derogatory” shows that you can’t be held to fairly arbitrate. So, no, I don’t think anybody is getting thrown out.
And last, “Reported Posts” is for spam and non- members. Members that break the COE SHALL be reviewed by the board and disciplined or expelled. You should read it sometime.

Get over it Steve.

Trump is MAGA.

Enjoy the ride and lighten up.

The board the board the board who is this mysterious board that should consider your derogatory rant.
Nick help me mommie! :wink:

Members of the Ethics and Standard of Practice Committee are Joe Farsetta, Erby Crofutt, Will Misegades, Peter Russell and Steve Stanscyk.

Can you show me what part of my discussion that you consider a “derogatory rant”? Because I have shown you the remarks directed at me by Michael Larson.

Do you believe individuals can disagree and discuss without childish outbursts, accusations, and ad hominum attacks? I hold to those principles of mutual respect, and I won’t accept less than that when I enter a discussion. That’s what a “Forum” is for, isn’t it?

And according to our COE, I have grounds to lodge a complaint against Michael Larson for directing his insulting, derogatory and slanderous remarks at me, in public and in a manner that causes harm to my reputation and the professional reputation of this organization.

International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors

lll Duty to the Profession and InterNACHI

3. The InterNACHI member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI, fellow InterNACHI members, InterNACHI employees, leadership or directors. **Accusations of a member **acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall trigger a review by the Ethics Committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from InterNACHI.

Again, If you feel any part of what I said was derogatory to you or any other member, I encourage you to take it up with me, and failing satisfaction from that, report it to the “board”.

When I have time, I’ll report Michael Larson to the “board”, but right now I’m in the middle of two reports. Priorities.

Speaking of childish snowflake outbursts, isn’t what you said about Trump exactly that Stevie ?

Way too emotional! :wink:
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Mike is a longtime troll, and he enjoys getting long winded (written) responses. If you will notice, you have put in more effort into one of your responses than he has into all of his combined.

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Trolling on the MB is unethical and should be legally stopped? You sound like Trimp!

Perfect description of the lamestream media today… mommie, mommie he said the poopie word!!! he said the poopie word!!! Poor #fakenews snowflakes :frowning: Truly sad.
President Trump could walk across the Inter-coastal waterway and deliver the cure for cancer tonight… and tomorrow the lamestream media would be screaming “Trump can’t swim… Trump puts 1000’s of doctors out of work”. :roll:

Which is why about half of the nation doesn’t know/hear:
Stock market breaking new records over 80(?) in the last year.
Unemployment lowest level in 17 years, black unemployment at lowest level since they started keeping track.
Economy tops 3%GDP last 2 quarters.
Millions of new jobs created.
The list could go for pages… suffer on snowflakes or goto your FB safespace.