Truss Fire Damage

(ccoombs) #1

The new BB sucks related to posting pictures.......

(Brian E. Kelly, AZ Cert. # 60234) #2

Curtis, shrink your picture down a little and you should be able to upload it.

(tneumann) #3

huh? I could have sworn there were pics there when he first happened? I know I looked at them...I just know it...

(tneumann) #4

I knew I wasn't crazy...why the double post?

(ccoombs) #5

I was posting the pictures and couldn't figure out how to get them all into the same I ended up with a double post. I will try to change the title....wish me luck.

(Russel Ray) #6

100% agree.

(Neal Gifford) #7

Funny, I thought it was just me. Is there a written set of instructions somewhere. Each time I post a photo I have this sinking feeling that I'm doing it wrong.

(tneumann) #8

The cut n paste sux also.....

(Marcel R. Cyr, CMI) #9

:) :(

I thought it was only me.

The old system seemed to work better.

Thanks guys for bringing it up.
Pictures are small and you can not expand them like we used too.


(Raymond E. Wand) #10

I am not having any problems uploading. I like the new system. The thumbnails load much faster than the old way. I am on dial up so everybit helps.

(Jay Moge) #11

sorry. that means just dialing up and getting mail will take most of dinner. ya gatta try something faster. you'll never use dial up again.

(Joseph Kormos) #12