Trying in Tennessee

Hi all,

I’m taking an online class for HI & i need to do a ride along with a TN certified inspector. I have inquired to a few locally - but I have gotten the cold shoulder. I will be the “competition” plus I’m female & that has put a couple people off.

So, is there anyone here from TN that would be willing to let me tag along on an inspection in the next 3 or 4 weeks? I’m closer to middle/west TN but I’m willing to travel to get a ride along. I will not interrupt the inspection in any way - I just have to take pictures, observe, & do a report.

I will be joining Nachi & I have been poring over all the great info on this site for the past few months. I have been doing extensive research & this is by far the best in my opinion.


Carol, give our office a call. We may be able to help you out.


Good on you william!! I knew southern hospitality wasn’t dead.

Thank You!!!

I’m jotting your phone number down now.

Nice Bill, Kudos



Hi Carol -

I’ve got a very friendly and professional inspector in Brentwood (about 100 miles from you) and he would be happy to help. His name is Lex Hudson and you can reach him at (615) 776-2983.

Please tell Lex that Eric sent you, and let me know how it works out. Call me directly if I can help in any other way.

Thank you too!!!

Great people on here. :slight_smile:

Give us a call! 615.790.6233

I should be able to call tomorrow afternoon William. I work some VERY long hours right now in a distribution center (Dawn til after dark) & that’s why I have not yet. :roll:

I’m planning on taking the afternoon off tomorrow - So I’ll be able give you a ring.

Thanks guys. NACHI Spirit.

I hear you spoke with our coordinator yesterday. Look forward to meeting you in October.