Trying to build a website

It shows up for me.

Hey thanks Junior I have about 8hrs of headache trying to get that page built and out there

Yes, it can be frustrating! My wife put our website together using Duda website builder

I have my wife do more than she should be doing for my business, it was time for me to step up and graduate first grade technology. I have a long ways to go to

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Haha, it’s always good to learn. My wife and I work well together. Once we got it set up, it’s fairly easy for either of us to maintain. Duda has a decent web design platform, with some great features, and fairly straight forward.

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Use go daddy, get your domain name and it’s just a matter of patients for us tech challenged boomers. Lol good luck

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Gilbert. It is relatively easy to build your own website. You only need one page to get clients to call. You build up your website as you mature.

Follow the link Junior Fudge provided you. It is the best way to get internet recognition.

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Yes, Greg, it shows up for me, too.

There is a lot to websites for sure. Purchasing a domain and standing up a basic site and pages is very possible to do if you do your research and use one of the services like Wix, Weebly, etc. People do it everyday, and there are plenty of online resources, how-to’s, etc. to achieve some limited success.

HOWEVER, you may find yourself using proprietary technology from that Hosted Service and you may get more or less “locked into” that Hosting Service if you are not careful. LOTS of people stand up websites - but, like you said, how will your customers find your business? If they know your site address, then yes, they can type it into their browser and view your site. But is it mobile-friendly? Is adaptive to resize from PC to tablets to Mobile devices? Is it configured correctly for Google and other Search Engines to crawl? Are you building key elements into the site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site to appear early in Search Engine Result Pages when someone searches for “home inspector” on Google or Bing or Yahoo? These are the “gotchas” that add complexity to the site and ensuring that it is working to promote your business 24x7.

I agree with suggestions here from the majority in recommending you hire a Website/SEO expert to at least get your site built, ranking, and off in the right direction. They will likely use open source Page Builders such as Wordpress, etc. which will allow your site to be “portable” so that you can choose whoever you want to actually host the site and move it to another provider when the time comes to do so. If you are not comfortable digging deep into the technology, you can possibly do more harm than good to your site if you are not careful.

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Good information, Richard. :smile:

I think I understand you, just like you said I don’t know how to make a website appear to some random person who gets on google and types in “home inspectors in my area”. I don’t feel I am going to get any leads off of this unless somebody specifically types in my domain. My goal from this is to extend out my traveling to about 60miles away, right now my radius is about 20miles

Yes, definitely reach out to a COMPETENT expert in Website/SEO and they can help you with achieving your goals with appearing in proper search result pages and getting your site ranked so that it will appear in the first page or two. Also, from personal experience, do not be afraid to spend a little $$ on Google Ads - this will guarantee your site will appear at the top of Search Results (a limited number of times each day as it is pay-per-click). Ever notice the little “Ad” next to the top 2 or 3 results at the very top of search results and very bottom of that first page? Google Ads can help launch you into getting a revenue stream until your website starts to “organically” appear in the first page or two of search results in your area for keywords relating to your inspection business. Eventually, you should be able to ditch the Google paid Ads, but for now, they can be a big help. Depending on your budget, you may have to sacrifice the cost of an inspection each month, but if you get two or three or four, etc. inspections from your site appearing at the top of the page results it will more than pay for itself and help you make some money and/or expand into areas you want to service.

Hopefully this helps some - I know it is confusing and it can get frustrating, but you are doing the right thing reaching out here. Hang in there and don’t give up!

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So this is the first time I actually got on the computer to check out my website, before it has always been on my phone and I feel on my phone I got a good layout. But then when I go to the website on a computer the layout changes and I don’t really care for it. Which should I be more worried about my phone layout or the computer layout, I feel I should worry about the phone layout because I think most people search from their phone. What do you guys think?

Greg, I think your $ would be well spent on aa professional website, seo guy like Ian that I mentioned before. All the members that I have spoken to or read their reviews had nothing but good to say about his reasonable service that got them work quickly.

Do you mean by putting my domain address or my street address?

Yes I plan on Ian pulling my website out of the gutters, but it being the weekend I can’t just sit back I am a little anxious on getting this going

10-4 Greg, I get it. :smile:

The best to you!

Ultimately the website needs to be adaptive to Mobile/Phone, Tablets, and Desktop resolutions - if not, Google will count that against you in its rankings. To answer your question specifically, however, Google has now moved to a Mobile-first indexing system, so you should probably make sure the mobile version gets your attention first. Mobile-first indexing is how Google crawls (new) websites now as of July 2019. Instead of using the desktop version of a page, Google now looks at the mobile version of the page with priority since they are seeing a huge trend toward mobile-first browsing by users.

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Hence, the phones keep getting bigger and bigger… :rofl: :rofl:

Duda is nice for making sure things work and fit when editing!

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