Trying to build a website

this is my first time ever trying to do this, so for right now I am trying to make this website advertising my home inspections and my home maintenance and repairs and as I get it figured out I’m going to separate the two. I don’t understand how possible clients can find somebody’s website?, it seems to me as if you need to type it in exact domain otherwise you will run into 100 other different sites. I am living in the wrong century this technology crap is to much for me. I did not even know what a domain was until my wife told me, I tried Weebly but that was getting me frustrated, now I am using Wix and I feel it’s a little bit easier but still frustrating me, I suppose I’m trying to ask for help but I don’t even know what I’m asking for because I don’t know the first thing about this stuff. In Ben Gromicko Weebly website video he said anybody can do it and there is no special skills, he’s wrong I can’t do it!

Contact Ian at
He has received some great reviews here on the forum.


Ok, it’s going to be like teaching algebra to a first grader.

Ian will build it all for you!

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If that’s the case, don’t let someone with first-grader skills build your website. That’s how it/you will look to prospective clients. Pay someone who knows what they’re doing. Learn how to edit it if you have the skills to do that once you learn how to control the website content management system.

Inspectors have to learn a variety of technical and business skills. and sometimes the more advanced, important of those are best left to professionals.

Yah makes sense, I will try to catch up with Ian this coming week. I had one started on WIX and I thought I was doing ok with it and now I have no idea where it’s at, the weebly account I was working on froze up on me and will not let me make changes any more, maybe there is a limit I could build because I trashed my site about 10 times.

You need to buy a domain name ( and pay somebody to host your site (site’s IP address). If you can’t do it yourself you will also need to pay someone to build your web pages. Welcome to the 21st century!

Member Ian M. Robertson, CMI has helped many of our members out in this area and is reasonable, from what I hear: :smile:

Where have I seen this before?! ::rofl:

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You guys are right this is over my head

Contact Ian, Greg. You will be happy you did.

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Can you tell me if you can see this

No. I get this 404 page:

That’s not what I tried to build last night

Building a page is simply like any document, only it uses HTML coding. Making it available over the internet is a whole different thing. You need a domain name server (DNS like go daddy) and a physical address where the site is located (IP address - provided by the Hosting server - could also be Go Daddy). Your DNS knows the site name and address and points web requests there. The hosting site simply stores the page at that address and makes it available when asked for.

All you’ve done is create an HTML document which you can display on your local machine. If you send the whole document to someone else (email), they can display it. But they can’t get it automatically because you don’t have a DNS ( and they don’t know where its stored (IP address).

Yep I definitely need to get help with this then

A poorly designed website could do more damage than good. Need a pro for this.


My plan is to still get a better website by a professional, but I am anxious and had to keep plucking away at this until I got somewhere. I know it needs a lot of work and adjustments but I wanted to get something going. Can you check in and see if this shows up for you Larry.