Website Help!

I currently have a website through Wordpress and after i saw the simplicity of Weebly i am thinking of starting over. I saw how you helped other inspectors. I was wondering if you could take a look at what i have so far and let me know if i am on the right path? It is not done or published so i will have to send you the log in for it. Of course i just paid for a full year with Wordpress so i dont want to make the switch if it doesnt look good. New to owning my own inspection business and times are tough right now marketing myself. Hoping to make a little bit of a change with a redesigned website. i appreciate any feedback you can give.

When you publish it so that we can all see it without a login, let us know and I’ll critique it for you.

Is this it

That is the current one I have.

Shall I attack it Robert?

I dont have the new one live yet going to work on it more before i close the old one. Feel free to attack the one that is live now. I know there is a lot wrong with it. For one its not complete.

I like the wordpress template

I actually do too but not as simple as Weebly. There are some templates on Weebly that compare. This will probably be the most hits my website has ever had!