Tub Defect

In every flip home or recent remodel when I see this from even 30 feet away I know at least one defect I am going to find

Is this a test what do we win. :wink:

good topic BK
cross connection contamination matters
hand showers not so much imho
often the seldom used & overpriced freestanding faucets are found leaking at the connections & bases…found on both of theses high priced new construction

No not a test Charley, but I thought I may have gotten a guess. The tubs are never attached securely to the floor.

Tubs just set on the floor…

Hell I thought they might set on the wall or the ceiling:p

Especially when they weight about 400lbs.

Go change your Depends and drink your a bottle of Ensure.

and the freestanding tub faucet will be loose…

What is recommended by the manufacturer for fastening?

Screws/Bolts through the feet into the floor Frank. That tub is an Acrylic/Plastic reproduction and barely weighs 80 lbs dry.

I can just grab it and move it, putting all the stress on the drain line.

They look really cool though.

Then I would definitely see the need for attachment. I haven’t come across one of these yet.

In CA all claw foot tubs are required to be secured to the floor. Shake Rattle and Roll protection :slight_smile: