So what are the defects here?

Hey Guys,

Thought you may like this one from an inspection I did today. Enjoy !


Check out the height on the shower area. The person wanting to buy this house is 6’ 4" tall. Notice the height of the shower head…


“S” trap…can’t turn valve fully…and…

I think the tub should be lowered…

lol…or a shorter person BUY the house…:wink:

Nice S-trap. I agree with Jae recommend budgeting for tub lowering.

Ha ha, the ceiling looks sloped even, need even shorter buyer.


It also has a directional tee in the middle which will not work good for the left side. Should have used a HI-line waste.

Sanitary tee should be a back-to back or a center outlet tee - s trap is not allowed. Where’s the vent?

If the ceiling is sloped, the buyer would only need to be shorter on one side…:roll: :roll: :roll:

no vents in the whole house…

It appears from the photo anyway that the S trap connects to a smaller drain line.

I met with the buyer this morning and she started to cry when I went over the report. Man, I have been doing this since 1988 and full time in 1990 and I can tell you I have not had a client cry before.

I went over the things I found and they were desparate to buy this house as they were renting and really need a place to call home.

Man…I feel awful for them. The RE Agent told them if they had gone with the HI they suggested , they would have gotten a CLEAN report and no problems…so SAD !

Realtor said they would have gotten a “clean” report, yeah and a house full of unknown defects, unknown until they move in! Good example of why my boss says he wants to punch some realtors right in the mouth sometimes!