Turning down work

Got a call today from a past client who wanted an inspection on a home he was buying. Loved the job I did before, very happy. Everything was great until I asked him to discribe the home. He was buying a log cabin. hardly ever get a call for a log cabin and I have no experience with inspecting log cabins. I have taken some courses on log cabins and know enough to know I don’t know enough about log cabins to do a qulaity job inspecting them. I told him this and gave him a # of a competitor (nachi member) who had experience with log cabins. Turning down a $500+ payday was tough and I’m sure I could of done an adaquate job but in this situlation, i feel it was the right thing to do. I do plan on calling my competitor up and asking to tag along on the inspection.

smart move…give him the job once…never twice

Good on you for protecting your client ahead of any greed for $$$. Karma goes a long way in this biz.

nicely done.

I agree don’t sell something you are not confident in.
Even better idea to call the other guy and ask to tag along.

Smart Moves.

Thanks for honest idea! I might need to steal it in the future.

Smart move

good way to handle it Dave. Hopefully he lets you accompany him, I would if he flat out gave me the inspection, why not.