Do the waterproofing AGAIN, do it again, and again

'Suntanned bodies and waves of sunshine
the California girls and a beautiful coastline
warmed up weather, let’s get together and DO IT AGAIN (the right way!)

Sellers bought the lies and hired B Dry who installed an interior drainage system $$$ out
sellers kept leaking so then they had some moron do a moronic job on the outside.

Sellers covered the basement walls on the inside with paneling etc, behind that was water, mold etc
As usual, buyers screwed

B Dry did NOT pull a permit, homeowners called city and checked, nope.
If my small lil co has to pull a fricken permit why can’t big shot B Dry? We trying to hide something? You better believe it = scammers, frauds

2 videos of the inside… yes house was ‘inspected’

WHAT a see? loool


So buyers got several estimates, one from my old balding butt, one from another exterior co and one from FSM, an inside system terd. The other exterior guy wanted $4,000 more and told homeowners they would need 4 days to do job (we did it in 1 day loool), and FSM wanted many more thousands that that! hahahaaa, again, much of the basement already has an INT system installed by B Dry, hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo?

We get started digging, get down about 5–6’ and we could already see-tell someone previously dug the exterior n played around, did 1/2 azz job and knew we’d likely have cave in because of the crap they backfilled with, yep loolllll

See the cracks in drive slabs? looollll … and some of the exterior cracks etc that were never fixed, waterproofed

Whoever did the exterior was on drugs, they only tarred the bottom 2’ of the block wall and parged 1 crack but NOT the bottom of the crack as near the bottom of the parged crack , but 8" above the footing they poured some concrete apparently thinking the concrete ledge near bottom of the crack would keep water away from … the bottom of the crack lol, NOT!

So to sum up, sellers bought the LIES from B Dry… out thousands $$$$ still leaked, then sellers hired an exterior moron and ya see what they did, lol didn’t do… buyers move in, leak and smell crap inside basement, take down some of the paneling and realize they were lied to, cheated and now had to spend a few thousand, maybe more, to finally fix/waterproof the actual dang problems that were always THERE!!!

It’s automatic when i… talk to homeowners the conversation turns to scamming interior basement systems so they…

Brian Wilson and his daughters

Great work, Mark!

My brother-in-law, Bill, may give you a call to pick your brain or if you work in Lansing, too.

Keep up the good work, my friend!

glad to help if Mr Bill calls, thanks Larry!

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