U.S. Inspect

anyone have anything on these guys, it looks official, and im think while i get the business up and running maybe i should try joining up to guarentee a check to come in, but u dont know enough about them. Anything anyone can do to help me out besides pointing out there website i would love to hear it…


Hi Adam,

Do you have a website or something for them?

No opinion…But here’s their website.

Direct from their website;

Inspectors are associated with the nation’s most respected professional organizations such as NAHI and ASHI.
**End Quote: **

yea i was on the website, but i need to find out if they are even worth it since they odviously dont deal with nachi, but past that, any experiences with this company?

I spoke with one of the owners (brothers) a few months ago on an unrelated matter. They are nearly completely out of the residential inspection business. Only commercial now.

One of their “inspectors” inspected a relo house I was looking at last winter.

Let’s just say the report wasn’t very thorough or accurate.

thats so weird cause i looked all over there website, all it talks about is residential… bu the bigger question is does that sound like something to do while the business gets established?

When I was inspecting in the Houston, TX market some HIs who signed on with them had a contract or clause that prevented them from jumping ship without proper notice and then there was non-compete.

Don’t know how solid it was and have no clue as to how they are doing as they were never much of an impact in the market.


Nolan K.
Nolan’s Inspections, LLC
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

see thats one of the things i was thinking about, and could see in effect, plus they’d be worried you would take there business for a “better price”

LandAmerica is another national multi-firm that is expanding in various markets. I’ve heard they have received a bunch of funding internally and are expanding more in some markets.

Plusses are health insurance, E&O, 401-K, paid for CE, marketing and a strong name with LandAmerica.

They have picked up about 9-10 HIs in the DFW market. I don’t believe there is a non-compete, but their main marketing push is to be in front of the realtors and their brokerage offices doing presentations.

I have a friend of mine who signed up with them and ‘so far’ he is okay, but not sure about long term.

I have not heard of him being any busier now than when he was fully independant. He does not seem to be pleased about that.


Nolan K.
Nolan’s inspections, LLC.

yea thats another scary thing of will it bring you work, but with the benifits and i presume a constint check, because i cant see not getting paid unless your on the job with a co. like that… did your friend have to goto that companies formal training, or was his own training good enough?

I was the area contractor for them for 12 years until they decided to buy out a competitor. If you go to work for them you work on commission which is about 25-30% of the total fees out of which you pay your own expenses (i.e. gasoline etc.). Oh and they don’t take kindly to moonlighting on the side.

The franchise in central Missouri, I think they are based in Springfield, is being sued by a former client. He actually told his client to go ahead and sue him because he sleeps with his lawyer. Must be new to field. I do not expect him to be in business long.
U.S. Inspect corporate had changed their name form World Inspection or something like that. Kinda makes you wonder why they changed their name.

Look into what your costs are going to be as a franchisee and as a business owner. Either way you are going to have to go get a piece of the action for yourself. I’m glad I chose to be a business owner.

John Richards

25-30%. Better be a high volume inspector.
Let’s see 10 inspections a week at $300 and you get 25%. Its been a while since I’ve done math but that works out to about $750. Broken down per hour is 1 hr travel aver, 3 hr inspection aver, and 2 hr report = 60 hours aver 750/60=12.50 an hour. I would have to be pretty dog gone slow to take that hourly pay. :roll: Why not go wait tables and make more than that? What? no moonlighting…good luck trying to build the business.

Pete Cook and I don’t much get along but I find him to be very honest, and so I believe him when he assured me that he and U.S. Inspect are getting out of residential inspections.



Nick stated that “they are getting out of residential inspections”.

He didn’t say that they are not doing them now.

That would fall in line with what their parent company, Comercial Assessments does, http://www.commercialassessments.com/.