Ugly Drum Smoker

Anyone ever use one of these? I’m just about done building it! Hope the ribs turn out better than this ugly thing looks!

No. But I will agree that it’s ugly. The first smoker I ever had, I made out of a galvanized trash can when I was in the Philly area. The first time I used it, my neighbors thought I was burning trash in the yard. It worked great on Turkey breasts and rib racks though. I have no doubt that the ugly drum can cook.

When I moved to Texas in 2004, one of my first large purchases was a pit from Texas Pit Crafters. Their facility is only about three miles from me. Been using it almost 15 years now. This one’s not mine, but is the same model.

So you doing pork ribs for your first cook? What wood?

Once you have it going, put a block of cream cheese in there on foil for about an hour. It come out awesome?

I’m probably going to use hickory; and I’m thinking pulled pork for the maiden voyage. I’ll season it up, hopefully by the weekend it’ll be ready for some smoke!

I looked at Texas pit crafters website; looks like they build a stout smoker, I can’t imagine shipping to Utah for one of those. How often do you use yours?

Pulled pork over hickory or applewood is my favorite. People think I’m a heretic for smoking pork in brisket country (not as bad as when my wife puts beans in her chili), until they eat it. I like a spicy Memphis style or East Carolina Vinegar sauce (both home made) with mine. Get yourself a pair of bear claws for handling and pulling.

No drum smoker here…I use a Weber bullet.

On the smoker.JPG

Smoked cream cheese… that sounds fantastic. I need to smoke another batch of salt too.

I use an EGG style smoker. FANTASTIC

That looks outstanding!

What are all those pipes and valves for?
I rotated the image for you. I think it will work better this way.

LOL, I thought is was a redneck’s solar water heater.

Not a bad idea!

Where’s the chimney…
Like this one?

They work as dampers to control air in and out

I may have gone a little over board on the ball valves, with the exhaust valves I wanted some more control than just an open exhaust. That way I can close off everything after the cook is over and retain any unused charcoal. I thought I had the picture turned then when I submitted it, it turned sideways.

Nice smoked paprika is good to have on hand as well. I personally like an electric smoker because It has a thermostat and does not take nearly the amount of attention a charcoal and water pan type does. But I bet that thing will work great.

Here is a video if the ugly drum!


I use the Masterbuilt 7 in one until recently, where I got the electric version.
Much easier to use and the results are just as good.

Pulled pork and 321 ribs.

An electric convert :slight_smile: The thermostat makes all the difference. No worries over night when I do most of my smoking.

I have not used an electric but I love lump charcoal and how controllable and versatile my Akorn is.