UH OH Is Another Call Center Open

So, I was just sent a link from another good inspector friend, /callcenter

Low and behold after a tiny bit of reading it appears that Nathan has Launched this with his partner Nathan Thornberry, you all remember, he’s the guy Nick Gromicko recently said was the #2 Data Broker in the Home Inspection industry.

Now I could be wrong and mistaken, but it just seems to me that a call service that is taking all of your calls, and is a known Large broker of collected Inspectors clients information could just possibly be a bad decision to use. Of course if you already sell your information to 3rd parties then you may think this is a great thing…

On that page are the prices, and take note that not only are you paying for the service and allowing them to collect all of your potential clients data and whoever else calls you, but you also must pay another fee if you get the job.

I would love to hear from Nick on this.

  1. Nick are you a “Strategic Partner” with Nathan on this new service like you are on others?

  2. Nick, do you know if Porch is involved with this in any way, shape or form or even in the slightest ?


Sign me up.

Another example of what Nick says, and actually does, are two completely different things.

Gee, if someone were to start using this service and then decide to answer their own phone, I wonder if they will get sued? :roll:

Chris, to be honest I used to look at him as some type of leader, mentor etc… in this industry. Now I am sad to say in my opinion he is a big part in the fall of the industry. Just by his associations he has with some people and companies is bad enough. What makes it even worse is that he partners with these people, promotes their snake oil services and products, then makes up garbage stories to attempt cover ups for all this garbage.

It is extremely damaging to the industry and quite sad to be honest.


I wouldn’t doubt it. I guess he figured out another way to collect inspectors clients info and actually force the inspector to Pay to give it up.

The chit is really getting deep around here.


How about maybe a forum post offer. Who would post it another inspector…

Letting a lead broker answer your telephone is like hiring a pedophile to watch your kids.

Your booked appointment goes right into your ISN account, too? Who just bought a large piece of ISN? Oh, yes. Another lead broker.

Paying a lead broker to answer your telephone is like paying a pedophile to babysit your children.

You Guys are REALLY way behind the times.

**I don’t know how exactly long ISG has had a call center BUT in my files I saw they were advertising it back in February 3 years ago.

Next if you don’t use a call OR scheduling center yourselves, you may NOT be up to date OR aware of it BUT from what I can tell MOST major scheduling / call centers seem to use ISN’s platform. Again Mike Crow was promoting them at least 4 or more years ago.

With OR without a call center, a LOT of home inspectors use ISN … Fact I’d bet they are the MOST used scheduling or call center for home inspectors in the country … Been out there OVER 10 yrs.

Thanks for sharing Dan, but the point is that Nathan just made this announcement seen on nicks Facebook the other day. We aren’t talking about that Crow guy anyway, this is a Nathan Thornberry service, and tied to Nick/NACHI once again. Also let’s not forget Nick claims that Nathan Thornberry is one ($2 to be exact) seller of Home Inspectors Clients information. Nick calls it reselling …LOL, you got to love Nicks word semantics.

Thanks again


Answering my phone is not a problem. Getting it to ring with calls from potential customers is what I (and most other inspectors, I suspect) is.

I don’t believe that any call center employee will ever be able to answer the kind of in-depth questions I get from customers, nor will they be able to explain what differentiates me from other inspectors.

Finally, as a customer I would far rather talk to the person who will actually be doing the work.

William, I agree with you 100%. In my opinion, they are 1 of the worst wastes of money an Inspector can use.


How True … How True.

With 35 yrs and counting EVEN with years of referrals, I still fret about getting my phone to ring steadily.

In my area MOST of the long time inspectors whose base rates are around $395-$400 for up to say 1,800sf-2,000sf say the same thing.

By the same token many of the inspectors with base rates from $250 to $300 for UP to 3,500sf seem to be booked solid a week out (especially if their inspections take under 2 hours.


Personally, I prefer to take the calls myself. I don’t feel comfortable with someone speaking for me. Rates vary depending on where and size…blah blah blah…and I prefer to be the one making that determination. Availability varies…