ultrastinger discounted parts

Time to order some parts for my ultrastingers, found www.chiefsupply.com has a promo code for 20 percent off and $5 shipping if you order a certain amount.

I used promo code OFF20FLASH at checkout but they also have TAKEOFF15 for certain things. I like opticsplanet.com too but their site is flaky today.

Battery prices vary all over the web and some are not real Streamlight but this site has the real ones.

Here are some part numbers with prices before the discount:

Switch Module for Stinger, PolyStinger & UltraStinger
Item # 75140SL $10.09 includes the gasket

Replacement Lens/Reflector for Stinger HP/XT HP & UltraStinger
Item # 77510SL $21.19

Switch Gasket/Boot for Stinger, PolyStinger, SuperStinger & UltraStinger
Item # 750016SL $.99

Battery for SL-20XP/LED, UltraStinger & SuperStinger, 1800mAh 6.0V
Item # 77175SL $27.59

Is this:

…the same as this?:


yes, I ordered 3 so my post showed the total, I fixed it on the OP, thanks!