Umm, how about a hole in/through exterior hollow block basement wall

Somebody left the door open, got milk? #-o
Leaky basement, 2 areas, block basement walls
Grosse Pointe Woods MI

Click each pic to enlarge if ya like.

On the INSIDE of the basement wall, the hole ya see is/was patched, painted over. Quite a few basements are finished, there is drywall/paneling against walls.

Upon inspecting basements, basement walls for signs of leaks, defects aka cracks etc, just because you may NOT see/notice any cracks or signs of leaks does not at all mean you are getting the whole, correct, true story for the homeowner, for the seller, buyer…eh.

Quite a few have told this/many other homeowners that all they needed ta do for their leaky basement was to regrade, raise and slope duh grade away from DUH house, pfffft.

Ok, lets say you do that and house is sold and the seller regrades, and the seller adds a 29 foot long downspout extension ta boot and ummm, maybe they paint the stupid walls with Drylok. And upon the next decent rain after the buyer moves in, the dumb az basement leaks. Who didn’t provide the seller with the real, likely possibilities, reasons, solutions as to why the dumb az basement was leaking? :-k
Here, house was sold, seller told buyer they fixed the leaky basement by raising and sloping the grade away…REALLY? Then why did the buyer get water in on first decent rain?
Eyeball the photos and you’ll see why/where the basement was leaking and why playing with the grade doesn’t fix, repair, waterproof, tuckpoint etc the actual problems
GPW, house was sold with existing multiple exterior cracks, aka defects, in block basement wall, wall bowing wall. Nobody told, explained to buyer that the INTERIOR system that was sold and installed by incompetent, fraudulent bubbleheads did NOT stop further water from entering, did not stop-prevent further mold, efflorescence on wall and did not relieve, remove the CAUSE’s of the cracks, leaks and wall bowing in.

Eastpointe MI, nobody told the buyer, a single mother, that the house she was thinking about buying has several basement walls bowing in, that these walls have multiple exterior cracks, all due to expansive clay and underground tree roots. The cracks seen on the inside were patched, painted over…total dogshtt, FRAUD!

Harper Woods MI, nobody told the buyer that the INSIDE system and beams that was previously installed did not fix, repair, waterproof the actual existing defects/cracks on the exterior of the block walls and, did not remove/relieve the CAUSE’s of the cracks, leaks etc.

Eastpointe again, another single mom…home inspector and seller fed her, sold her some bullsht
Did tarring along the house and driveway fix the problems, did it stop water from entering?
And how about the problem under the back deck? Photos 7–15

No no, not all home inspectors suk on this subject here in MI or elsewhere but I do have to say, from what we’ve seen over a few decades there are many more shtball, incompetent home inspectors on this-subject. Better find a good one people, there are some here on Nachi.

And many continue to recommend interior system companies to homeowners, really???

Some continue to tell homeowners bulsht like, Oh just raise and slope the grade or mudjack a driveway slab or apply Drylok or add longer downspouts…really?

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