Under pinning a foundation

Thought I would post some pictures of a job I’m working on. Several projects at the same time but these pictures are of the underpinning of a foundation. The pins are just like auger bits and get screwed into the ground, one on top of the other until they hit solid ground. In this case 60 feet deep. Then the brackets are bolted to the footing.

The problem with this house is a pond on the property next door overflowed and damaged the foundation.

The well on this property has been compromised so we will need to bore under the road to connect to the city water supply across the street.

Other projects going on are new rubber roof, re-point the chimney, repair sag in ceiling frame, build a new deck and lay down some vinyl flooring.

Nice pics, thanks Peter.

Enjoyable…How are the augers bits twisted in, Peter, so close to the foundation? And are they spaced about every 5 feet around all the home?

The pins are installed using a Bob Cat mini excavator with a PTO.
I thought this would be interesting because we’ve seen so many foundation issue’s and this is how to fix them.
The pins are placed aboutevery 8 feet.

DSCN1433 (Small).JPG

DSCN1434 (Small).JPG

DSCN1435 (Small).JPG

Here is the reason, the pond over flowed and the water table is so high that the house basically cracked in half.

DSCN1443 (Small).JPG

DSCN1444 (Small).JPG

Great pictures and explanation…thanks :smiley:

Peter, how many pins do you have to put together to get 60’ deep? Nice pics.

I believe they are about 5-6 feet long, so 10-11.

Nice picters Peter, is this an engineered system that the contractor follows.
Very interesting, not something we see everyday.:slight_smile:

Can they add piers to the center of a home using that system, or just the perimeter? How many piers did you add. How much was the cost?

Yes this was an engineered system by the contractor doing the work. The whole principle is based on stabilizing the footings around the perimeter of the home.
I don’t believe you could add the piers to the center of the home because it’s just a slab with no footings.
Original price was for 15 piers down 20 feet each, no pre testing of the soil was done and therefore when they put the first one in and it went sixty feet just to hit solid ground the SHTF. This s a HUD project so they where told to put as many in as they had budgeted for and stop. So far they got 7 in and are waiting for more funds to finish. I think the original budget was about 20K.

Wow, pricey things…:shock:

Myself, I would have torn the house down. Basement had to be gutted due to mold, roof leaks, boiler needs replacing, tons of rot on the house.

Only problem is if you tear it down you would never be allowed to build there again, and rightfully so.

So uncle Sam says (HUD) let’s dump 70K into it and help this guy out.