Under roof straps

I see quite a few of these straps in attics of newer homes and it seems as though 50% of them are usually broken.

Are they there for temporary support as the roof is being built? All these homes have concrete tile roofs.

Looks like these


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The contractor usually tries to remove them for the next house truss installations, some get broke, some they forget about and leave.

They are basically temporary spacing until the OSB is attached.

Dale is correct, and when you see those that are torn apart as these are, means that the spacing was altered, because there is no need to remove them after they are installed.
In no way should they ever be reused. It is too dangerous.
These spreaders are to facilitate the installation of trusses during erection and are meant to remain.
They other dangerous thing about these spreaders, is Contractors rely on them to much in lieu of lateral bracing during erection and that is when we hear about all the truss collapes.

Usually they are intact, if seen otherwise, note it as you did.

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