Underground main service beside pool.

Any issues with this??

Not so concerned about the meter/entrance location as the way the atrium joists/rafters are “connected” to the house.
But I’m no Florida inspector!

IIRC, no wires are supposed to be within 5’ of the inside wall of the pool. Article 680 has the requirements. I just don’t have access to one tonight.

I never inspect pools up here.
How does the 5’ rule handle in pool lighting?

Underground wiring has this requirement with a built-in exception:

Thanks for posting that section Robert.

Robert that is what I found as well. Doesn’t really say yes or no for the actual box just the wire.
Obviously since they abandoned the original overhead drop, then the powers that be felt it was compliant. Just a new one for me.

That was the first thing I noticed as well.

Looks like the original overhead couldn’t comply with the horizontal clearance distance required.

I believe that was the case.
There also was an additional pool panel that was fed by this main panel. The pool panel was out by the equipment.

In this case I would focus more on this portion of 680.10

Don’t forget to check windows for tempered glass and the light appears to be to close to pool unless it is bonded, grounded and GFCI protected.
Last no matter what local codes are I always make a comment about any fences that are climbable, and windows, doors , gates being child safety hazards unless they all have child safe locks latches and the doors are self closing and latching

Those connections are pretty odd to say the least, zooming in, it looks like
some hurricane strap angles at the joint. But I wouldn’t trust them or the structure.