Undersize Lintle

I did a new construction inspection today. This was the steel lintel above the garage door opening today! Just a little undersized. Check out the mortar fill technique too.

I check the house on each side and across the street. Two of the homes had the same undersized lintel installed.

Does anyone have an image of a lintel installation? My State code calls for a minimum 4 inch bearing length.

I wonder if that is structural shape that is notched, just notched too deep. If it’s new construction do you have access to the plans?

Do you have information on a notched lintel design. I’m only familar with lintels that require a bearing length. There are many lintel designs used in construction but a notched lintel is new to me.

Probably not a lintel… but a dropped plate steel plate beam.

Not how I like to see it and angle iron is usually bolted to the header/beam, around here.

Hey John,

I can’t say I do, but there are a lot of new designers coming online you never know! :slight_smile: There would still be bearing I don’t think that you can get around the bearing could just be up a course. Why not use the typical lintel? I don’t know, just throwing ideas out.

Client said the builder told them there was a beam behind the bick providing support and there is no structural concerns. Does not make sense because the “beam” is not supporting the brick veener. Anyway, I documented my concern in the report for the Buyer and followed-up to confirm the Buyer spoke with the builder.

I Beam with a dropped plate…probably. Generally used commercially. Can also be an I beam with a wider plate welded on the bottom for the purpose of picking up the brick if fire protection is not an issue.