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Do any of you guys work for a company called United Home Inspectors? Before you think or assume anything this IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT to work for this company. I am just simply looking for some feedback. I got recruited by a guy named Rhik Kincade. Their website is http://unitedhomeinspectors.com
I found an ad on craigslist from this company looking for home inspectors. I simply emailed them (Rhik) and he responded by calling me and offering me the job. I pay him $55 a month for marketing fee’s, ect. He paid for my nachi training for the next 6 months. Everything sounds great it sounds like his company is just ran by him, it might not be that big of a company as it may seem. Im just looking for feedback from anyone who has worked for him or know anything about his company. There is also no contract, I can quit working for him whenever I want.

This isn’t your first thread stating essentially the same thing and how easy this company is and how they pay your membership and how great it all seems. I’m definitely still convinced this is passive advertisement.

Oh yeah, and links to their website.

Smells fishy.

Take note that “InterNachi Applicants” have access to the Members Only sections. Pay ONLY $49 month to SPAM the members sections instead of the annual $500 all at once. Nick really “screwed the pooch” with this one.

Same here…SPAM.

This pretty much gives it away.

Ok everyone I am not a spam or advertisement I am just seriously looking for input. I am completely new to this industry. My wife and I moved 2 hours away from our hometown and this is always something I’ve wanted to do. I am just looking for advice and an understanding of how the home inspector business works. Like I said on this thread and the one before I got recruited by a company I know nothing about and by a guy I have never met I just want to make sure I making a smart move. Sorry if you guys think this is spam or me just trying to advertisement.

That’s my point the company is the one making is seem easy NOT ME. Just looking for friendly advice on the business and making sure it’s not a get rich quick scheme. Just trying to play it safe

Have you asked them what type of training they provide and how “We” can help you to become Certified Home Inspector? What education credentials they have, certified by who, etc?

That is where I would start.

So you got hired without a formal interview.

He convinced you to send him $55 a month for a long as you “work” there.

He agreed to pay for $49 a month of training for 6 months.

What part of this sounds legit to you?

Let me guess, he asked for your credit card or banking info to “automatically” collect the $55 a month.

That’s basically what happened Ian.

Ever been to Nigeria and meet their Prince? :ack!:

Ask ‘Rick’ for reference contact numbers for others working for his company and for their web site addresses. That would be your most useful research into the company. As for how to start an inspection business. Learn all you can and read a lot of books and material on sales and marketing. And I mean a lot of them to let it really sink in how to deal with the public and how to get people to know, like and trust you.

Nick’s free e-book “How To Run a Successful Home Inspection Business” is a good place to start.

Are you sure you didn’t get signed up here: https://www.nachi.org/free.htm
I sign my new employees up thru there to see if they work out for 6 months, and if they do, I pay for there memberships

Thanks wayne. I will start giving people in that business phone calls. I have been doing a lot of studying on Nachi. They really help you learn a lot! I guess the thing that scares me is doing my first paid inspection. Ideally I would like to work with another home inspector a few times just to get the idea. Im the type of person when I do something I want to excel, not just show up, do the minimum, not knowing what I’m doing or talking about when the client ask questions.

Bobby I guess I don’t know the difference between the free version and the member version. I have been taking classes & test along with writing on this forum so I assumed I am a paid member?

This is the link he sent me. When I signed up it stated That 6 months of it was paid for.


This business can’t even market itsself. See this link. http://userexp.net/unitedhomeinspectors.com.html

Wow I feel stupid. Thanks John for sharing this. I don’t know what im going to do now maybe try to go out on my own or try a reputed company in Iowa. What a way to end my weekend

Joshua, What State do you presently live in, or want to offer home inspections?